Download EZ-Patch (read the instructions below first!)
EZ-Patch.ny (2.17 KB)
I have an audio track with a bad glitch on the right channel (shown selected)
The glitch is too big and bad for the Repair tool.
It can be moderated using the “Pop Mute” effect, but that will not remove the damage, it’ll just make it a bit smaller.
The best way to repair would be to make a “patch” by copying and pasting a similar piece of audio and cross-fading rapidly from one to the other. The audio immediately after the glitch would be suitable for making the patch, but it’s quite a fiddly job to make a good job of patching.

Time for “EZ-Patch”.

Here’s I’ve selected the glitch and allowed a little room either side for a rapid cross-fade, then extended the selection to the right fare enough to create the patch.
Doing this manually would require multiple steps, but with EZ-Patch all that is needed is to select, then click OK.
and the result:
And here’s the before and after:

Brilliant, yet again!

It’s now in my plug-ins folder. Next time I have an LP recording with a real big glitch (too big for ClickRepair to deal with) I’ll give it a try.

– Bill

Thanks for the feedback Bill.

I have about the same problem, but don’t need the fading. How can I - for any purpose - select one, or part of one channel of a stereo file?
Tks - Frediano

Click on the name of the track and from the drop down menu select “Split Stereo Track”. You can then work on the two audio channels independently.

Thanks a lot. Probably the only item on which I didn’t click before. frediano

You are a miracle worker. Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback Cwluc. Glad you like it.

Hi Steve,

I agree with Cwluc…

You are a miracle worker.
I just started using Audacity today and I’m taking out these loud nasty pops on a recording of a violin from the 50s and it sounds great!

I have a question about the Cross-Fade Overlap setting…

It’s a percentage…but a percentage of what? The total time of the selection? Does the percentage to the total crossfade on both sides or does each side split the percentage.

Sorry for the newbie questions.

EZ-Patch is great!

Thank buja.

It’s a percentage of the “patch” (see the second picture in the first post). In other words, a % of half of the selection.

If set to 50%, the crossfade at the beginning of the patch will meet the crossfade at the end of the patch.
Usually you would want the crossfade fairly short - it’s there so that the transitions into and out of the “patch” are smooth.

Does that make sense?


I read the code. What is bug 425? Does it involve incorrect trimming of right channel stereo results, sometimes? Because I tried my own work in progress on this example and that is what I saw, and when I imitated your workaround it went away.

My own efforts at automatic click removal seem not good enough to fix this example, though they are very promising with fixing the speech crackles which are actual but undesirable recorded sounds, not playback glitches from old media.


That description doesn’t seem to match what I saw or what you seem to be working around. Is this bug known to manifest different ways?

It doesn’t seem to quite match Leland’s explanation, but note that the comment in the plug-in was nearly 2 years before Leland offered that explanation. It matches the bug in as far as Audacity is not handling the returned stereo data correctly, and in the problem that I’m working around one channel (the left) is a reference to channel 0 of S.

If the problem that I worked around in EZ-Patch has the same cause as (vector (aref s 0)(aref s 0)) not returned correctly to track, then yes the evidence is there. When I wrote that comment I clearly thought that was a more likely possibility than that it was unrelated. What do you think? Do you think it is an unrelated bug?

I have been searching hi and low for the download link to EZ-Patch and have been going in circles on the Audacity site. I checked the Nyquist Plug-Ins, and New Plugins but cannot find it, yet there are posts regarding it here in the forum.

Can anyone tell me what the download link to the EZ-Patch plug-in is ?

Much appreciated !

The link to the plug-in is always at the start of the topic. The link is http://forum.audacityteam.org/download/file.php?id=4495 in the first post EZ-Patch


Thanks Gale, the 1st link your provided allowed me to download EZ-Patch.

However, your second link takes me to the page I was previously looking at for EZ-Patch and where I clicked on the various links on that page.

Per your comments, the 1st link is supposed to be the download link for the plug-in: Unless I made a mistake, at the top of the page there are two links, neither of which do anything when I click on them, and the URL for each of them is not the same as the link you provided me for the download - so either I’m clicking on the wrong link(s) or the links on the page are not correctly formed.

Here’s what I mean:

The 1st link at the top of the page has:

The 2nd link at the top, below the 1st link has:

The link you provided me and that works is:

As you can see, neither of the two links at the top of the page are the same as the link you provided that works.

Also, I checked the list of plugins under Nyqust Plugin Archive and EZ-Patch and unless I missed it. the patch is nowhere to be found.

My I offer a suggestion: Since there are multiple links on pages, it would be helpful if the link was identified as “Download The Patch”, or something similar.

But again, your first link did allow me to download the patch.

Thanks very much!

Here is a screenshot of the bottom of the post that Gale linked to. The red arrow points to the download link for the file “Z-Patch.ny” (the plug-in file).
This is the page Link: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/ez-patch/22093/1

I somewhat agree, especially given the first post is very long and detailed and the white attachment box for the download is not not that obvious. If you don’t know you are looking for an NY file, it is even harder.

I did something like you suggested: EZ-Patch

Probably it would be nice to write some BBCode to make it easy to show a download box.


I think that EZ-Patch could probably go on the wiki. The only problem is that it’s less easy to put the illustrations on the wiki (no other plug-ins on the wiki have illustrations).
What do you think?