How to fix a broken track?

One of the tracks on one of my CDs doesn’t play well on a CD player anymore, and not on the computer either. At certain parts a track has the noise you can hear in this sample:

There’s also a longer sample:

It’s clear from the visualised audio track where the culprit is:
Audio track magnified.png
Audio track.png
What I’ve tried:

  • Effect > Repair
    This isn’t practical because you can only use it on up to 128 samples, it’d be quite tedious to repair the whole distorted section.
  • Analyze > Plot Spectrum, then Effect > Graphic EQ
    I tried silencing the frequencies of the distortion, but it didn’t do a good job
  • Effect > Noise Reduction
    The break was still audible

What is the best way to fix this?

Thanks for any advice!

This “EZ-Patch” plug-in: EZ-Patch

The result isn’t perfect, but in my opinion it’s a big improvement:

Thanks, Steve. I just installed the EZ-Patch plug-in and it does wonder. I’ll need to do some more testing with a headset.
Did you use this plug-in for your posted fix?

I used track spectrogram view so that I could see more easily where the damaged section occurred, then selected that plus enough audio before to make the repair.

Did you wash the CD? I borrowed a music CD from a friend and he handed it to me with his fingers on both sides of the disk. He said it sometimes didn’t play very well. Gentle wash with warm lightly soapy water, rinse, and dry gently with a fluffy towel. No more skips.

This doesn’t work if the disk is scratched or oddly much worse if it’s damaged on the label side. The music is right under the label.

It also doesn’t work if the disk has a paper label or was printed on an ink-jet printer.