Free (v3) ToneBooster's plugins
click on “Where can I find older (legacy v3) plugins ?”.

Many are improved versions of Jeroen Breebaart plugins, (32-bit Windows only),
but these (v3) are 64-bit versions, Windows & Mac.

DeEssers, compressors, equalizers, limiters, tape emulation, device/room emulation, bit-crush, gate, reverb, chorus, delay …

IMO well worth the effort of download.

and expand dynamic-range …
TB_FIX4_v3 can be made to expand.jpg

This “broadcast” multi-band compressor/limiter is good & loud.
(identical to the 32-bit Jeroen Breebaart version, apart from the color: brown rather than blue)

TB_Broadcast_v3 in Audacity 3-1-3 on Windows 8.gif
Some of the controls are unusual: you’ll need the manual (attached).
manual_broadcast.pdf (138 KB)