Plugins for Audacity

Hi - can you recommend any good Plugins for Audacity - either free or paid software. I use Audacity to create audio plays that we post on Our website is: www, and we have our RSS feed on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, SoundCloud and Pandora. Thanks, David Hunter

Could you narrow that down. What sort of plug-in do you want? What problem are you trying to solve?

It seems to me not everyone at this “get-together” was in the same location:
the EQ and reverb are different for some players.

Plug-ins exist to match EQ …
[ I’ve not used any in Audacity though, try before you buy ].

Matching the reverb would be more difficult, could add some reverb to the recordings made in acoustically-dead locations to match the location with the most reverb.

ToneBooster’s free Broadcast plugin is worth the effort of download: ideal for podcasts …
ToneBoosters ''broadcast'' plugin (v3 is free).gif