Best way to add gain in post


I’m a new to audio processing, so would appreciate any help. I mostly do videography but have lately been doing more performance gigs where I need to capture good audio. I recently did a gig where I recorded a bit too low, and would like to raise the levels 8db with the least damage.

It is 24bit and when I raise the levels in my video editor, it really doesn’t sound bad, but it doesn’t support great compression formats. What is the best way to raise levels with the least compression?

Thank you!


Select the track. Effect > Amplify (do not allow clipping) > OK.

That will boost the volume of the track the maximum possible with no compression damage. Graphically, it will increase the size of the waves on the timeline until the highest/loudest one in your selection just touches 100%.

This can cause problems if the loudest instant in the track is someone sneezing into the microphone or some other non-production loud sound. It’s important that you know what the content is.

This is also why needing to apply effects, filters, or corrections automatically extends editing time to many times the length of the show. Once to play the work so you know what you have and then once again at the end to make sure you corrected everything that needs correcting. And then the actual editing, correcting, and work in the middle. There was a recent post from someone with a six hour long show. They’ll be editing that until August.

Do you have some idea of final loudness or appearance of the show? For example, Audiobooks have very specific technical requirements for submission. It’s not just listen until it sounds OK to you.


Hi Koz,

Thanks for getting back to me with this. I don’t know exactly how high they will need the levels to be in the end. It will be for video.

After applying the amplify process, is there a way to save the file and keep it 24bit? I prefer to give them the best quality file because they will most likely process it themselves too, but I also don’t want to hand them really low level music if I don’t have to.


If you’re aiming for music-video/radio-broadcast loudness, try ToneBoosters broadcast plugin,
Looks complicated but it has presets …
Broadcast plugin.gif

24 bit wav.gif