How to enable Old Equalization Plugin on 3.3.3

I am missing the the Equalization effect plugin from the version of Audacity immediately preceding 3.3.3. I used this plugin all the time and the Graphic EQ plugin and the Filter Curve plugin do not do the same thing. When I attempt to enable Equalization it does not work. Do I need to uninstall version 3.3.3. and reinstall the older version in order to get Equalization back?

Thank you for any help someone might be able to give me.

There has never been a “3.3.3” version of Audacity. The current release version is Audacity 3.1.3.
The version before that was Audacity 3.1.2, which has the exact same “Graphic EQ” and “Filter Curve EQ” as the current version.

Much older versions of Audacity had an EQ effect that was called “Equalization”. That had a “Graphic” mode, which was replaced by the “Graphic EQ” effect, and a “Draw” mode which was replaced by the “Filter Curve EQ” effect.

If the equalization plugin is 32-bit it will only work on a 32-bit version of Audacity.
The latest version of Audacity is available in 64 & 32 bit, (32-bit Audacity will run on 64-bit Windows).

If you need a free 64-bit equalizer plugin for Audacity, the ToneBoosters V3 are good …
as are Voxengo*'s freebies …

The equalization effects that come with Audacity are built-in and they do work. They aren’t plug-ins so they are not “interchangeable”.

If you have an older 3rd-party equalizer plug-in it’s probably 32-bits so you’ll have to find a 64-bit version or there is a 32-bit version of Audacity 3.1.3.

…Audacity’s Nyquist plug-ins don’t care about 32 or 64-bits but I believe all other formats have to “match”.