Professional Audio Filter

I’m pleased to announce the first public “beta” release of the Professional Audio Filter (PAF).

Some of the controls and installers are a little rough yet, and on occasion it’s been known to crash in a shower of brightly colored confetti, but I think it’s worth getting it out there for wider testing.

The object of the filter is to convert whomever you shot in the field and in whatever bad conditions to a quiet, polished, professional-sounding voice track.

Intensity and phase adjustments are provided to suppress “white” or microphone self-noise, proximity effect, competing voices, street noise, engine roar, large and small auditorium echoes, air conditioning compressors, vent whistle, and within reason, clipping, crosstalk, cracking, and overload distortion.

Whimsey is alive and well in Los Angeles. We are preparing an announcer module with pitch, sibilance, and depth controls that we’re calling, for obvious reasons, ‘LaFontaine.’ “In a World…”

I’ve been working with the programmers here in LA and friends at other audio web sites and forums to pull together a lot of different efforts. I aim to be “Welch.”

If you remember in LZW Compression, Lempel and Ziv were the world-class data compression Subject Matter Experts with no organizational or people skills. Welch was the one who got them both into a room and said nobody was leaving until they generated an integrated product. And he had a gun. Nothing like adding Smith and Wesson to the team to polish those people skills.

We’ve included installers for all the major audio software packages: SoundTrack Pro, Audition, Audacity, ProTools, AVS, etc. We even got one to work in the older, revered Cool Edit.

It’s open source on all three platforms.


This goes into my box of essentials.

We consider that more and more people will rely on this filter and find they can extricate themselves from worse and worse capture conditions. Soon, someone will discover they can leave the microphone in the car and still go home with a ratty but usable track.


One of the senior elves on the Final Cut video forum tells me the server crashed – we assume from overload.


woweee – too good to be true
wait — today is 1 april —
so is it live or is it memorex ??
guess i have to dl it and see if this is real :smiley:

assuming it is real – THANKS !!

I’s a very quick download…


not on dialup

It’s 22KB.


Brilliant, Koz! Of course you realize that as your PAF becomes widely used, you won’t have a job here on the forum any longer.


No, I’ll be retired in Maui with a piña colada, working on next year’s 4/1.


Where can we download the next alpha version with the exciting new features that you are undoubtedly planning …


I’m guessing that they are planning a 12 month release cycle.,250984,250984#msg-250984