PLEASE bring back the Export Selected Audio command!

I updated to 3.4.2, and in this version there appears to be no way to export the selection with a macro.

A possible workaround is:
1.Make the selection
2. Trim Audio
3. Export
4. (Optional) Undo (to undo the “Trim” edit.

However, doing this on my machine is unpredictable - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I had a similar thought, though my process was this:

  1. Copy selection
  2. Open New file/project
  3. Paste
  4. Export
    However, this uncovered yet another issue. When the New command is used, the new project is opened in the background, and there’s no way to set focus on it in a macro. This is a bug, in that doing command-N or selecting New from the File menu both cause the new project to be opened in the foreground.

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Another user has posted today an idea for the ability to make parameter settings when using Export Audio in a Macro. Among other things this should enable yo to set the Export rang (to Selected Audio).

See this Forum post:

I don’t know if this idea is technically feasible but I have added it to my recent GitHub post:


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It was not because they were “bored” - they wanted to be able to tidy up the File menu (something that I approve of).

They went from this messy submenu setup:

To this simplified and cleaner
With no sub-menu required to export audio.

BTW this is similar to many earlier versions of Audacity where there were no separate commands for exporting in various formats (MP3, WAV, and Ogg) - and all those commands did was to pre-populate the export dialog with export format (which could still then be changed by the user in that dialog).

Unfortunately in the process of doing this Muse overlooked that many folk quite liked a shortcut for Export Selected Audio - the issue that is addressed in this Forum thread - and my GitHub post.


Hi there,

I wanted to add my voice to those asking for the Export Selected Audio command to be reinstated. Could I also ask that the automatic Edit Metadata pop-up is brought back, or at least that there’s a way to choose whether or not it pops up automatically?

I love Audacity, but these two changes have made a massive impact on what I do, it gone from a three-click task to a six-click task, plus having to remember to manually edit the metadata on each track I’m exporting!



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Sorry, but your only solution to this is to revert to an older version of Audacity.


Thanks Peter,

I’ll see whether I get used to the new menus, but if it continue to be a pain, I’ll take your advice.



There are a number of changes in the new window I don’t care for, but this one poses the biggest issue. Unfortunately for us at our community radio station, reverting may not be an option as we have a number of volunteers using the program with different preferred methods of exporting. The menu always has to be checked which completely slows all of us down and is a distraction. An Export Selected Audio button would prevent the eventuality of us accidentally sending unwanted audio to air.


Jeanette, my understanding is that Muse have listened to the feedback , discussed this and have agreed to add an Export Selected command to the Extra > Export sub-menu.

This means that you should either be able to:

a) enable the Extra menus from View > Enable Extra Menus and thus have the command available in a menu, or

b) create a custom shortcut for this command (these commands are available for shortcut use regardless of whether or not the Extra menu is displayed/enabled).

For my money the shortcut is the better solution as the Extra menus can be a bit intimidating (not if you just stick to Extra > Export …) - they were really designed for scripting use and for shortcuts that VI users may need.

So hopefully version 3.5.0 will include this change.


Thanks for the reply - that’s quite a relief!

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