PLEASE bring back the Export Selected Audio command!

Terrific! Thanks.

@waxcylinder Thank you for the enhancement request.

I just realized that with Ctrl+A and export current selection, it will always trim blanck space before first clip, and not export the whole project, which is not good for me. I either have to manually select the blanck space, or fill it with silence, or use the “entire project” menu and change it back later…


Or create a dummy track and generate a short period of silence starting at T=0.

The dummy silence track will not add to any export or playback - but then Ctrl-A will then select the entire project from T=0


I just tested and just an empty dummy track seems to do the trick

Thx, if I put a shortcut to create new track, it would be the quickest way. I’m not sure I’ll always remember to do it tho, filling the blank space with silence right after I shift the clip might be my safest bet, and not too slow.

Outfits like Audacity are forever “fixing” things that aren’t broke.

In the process, they actually do break things and make much worse.

Why don’t they “get it?”


This just sounds so complicated to me that I refuse to upgrade. Thanks for the warning. I don’t understand half of the comments in this thread.

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As I’m recording records onto my computer most of the time, I use Current Selection all the time, except for the last track when it’s the only one left, having cut out the tracks one by one when they’re exported. The last track always goes as Entire Project. This means when I come to export the first one the next time it’s on Entire Project as the last one used. I have caught myself so far, but would appreciate the addition you suggest below.

I too miss the export selected feature. So, as it seems that more people miss this I would like to ask you all if you too would like to have it even easier to export one single track with voiceover. What are your thoughts about this:

  1. double-click on a clip to select (and later export) only this single clip with no reference to the beginning of the track and
  2. double-click the blank space of the track (or add a “select track” button besides the mute and solo button) to select everything in this track and automatically filling every blank space with silence to keep the time reference to the beginning of the track
    I hope you understand what I mean.
    Maybe this could help the developers if they want to reprogram the export feature in a later version.



YES!!! I created a whole account just to agree with this! This is such a convenient feature and something I use constantly- I"m definitely going back to an older version now.


Reverting to previous version. It feels like some bored developers just couldn’t stop fussing around or needed resume items to show how they “enhanced” Audacity. This last update is driving the product into the ground.

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“a few” Audacity users?(!) It’s many many users…

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Our community radio station uses Audacity almost exclusively with our volunteers, and the latest change to the Export window has not only slowed down the workflow, but also caused some confusion and frustration.

The Selected Audio command is a necessary function and while the ‘current selection’ is remembered between saves, it can be a huge issue when different volunteers use the program with different methods for saving. Changing the entire export window has also caused problems with files being saved in the wrong spot, with the wrong name, as well as having to be resaved because we missed adding the necessary meta data. When one is on a weekly editing deadline, a disruption to the work flow is more than an inconvenience. Reverting to an earlier version can be done, but what a pity to lose some of the other welcomed upgrades.

This window wasn’t broke but has now become more cumbersome.


Unless I am missing something, I see no way of creating a macro command that will do an Export Audio → Current Selection. If there is a way, please explain how.


Because they’re developers and developers change things…because they can and that’s what they’re wired to do. Doesn’t seem like there’s a business owner, product manager, or user experience director for Audacity. Seems driven by developers who want to fiddle with code to “improve things” - why leave something as-is if you can play around and change it? seems to be the rationale.

There isn’t right now, sorry.

But if Muse ever decide to implement this enhancement request that I wrote there would be:


That’s not strictly accurate, though the actual situation is worse than just not having an ExportSelection macro command.

Testing with Audacity 3.4.0 on Linux, the export command will either export the selection OR the entire project depending on what was used last. This will affect ALL batch processing macros. It is ESSENTIAL to check the “last used” export settings, and if necessary do a dummy export, in order to achieve the correct export behaviour.

Testing with Audacity 3.4.2 on Linux, when applying to the current project, the Export macro commands fail completely with a permission error.

OK, scrap that. I got half way through writing a bug report, and suddenly Export stopped showing the permission error and is now exporting.

There’s clearly a serious bug here, so back to my old trusty 2.4.2.

I cannot get a macro to export the current selection

I can’t get a macro to export what was last used when I did an Export. The instructions say:

" To configure export parameters for the Macro, click File > Export Audio to access the Export Audio Dialog, click Options, set the parameters, press OK then Cancel the export. An audio track must be on screen in order to open the Export Audio Dialog."

But I don’t see an Options button and when I export in a macro, it just exports the entire track instead of the selection.

In Audacity 3.4.0, If I manually export using the “selected” option first, then exporting from a macro later would export the selected audio.

In your macro, is the export command simply “Export as [format]” with [format] being WAV or MP3, etc. ?