Audacity failed to read from a file in C:

The error message: “Audacity failed to read from a file in C:” indicates corruption in the project (AUP3) file.

There are many reasons why this can occur. The most common reasons appear to be:

  • Working on projects that are stored on an external drive.
  • Working on projects that are stored on “web drives”.
  • Shutting down the computer while a project is open in Audacity.
  • The computer failing to restore state correctly after “sleep” or “hibernation”.
  • Running out of disk space while a project is open.

Ensuring that projects are always on a normal, internal drive (hdd or ssd) before opening the project goes a long way towards avoiding this problem. I would also recommend disabling sleep / hibernation while working on projects, and ensuring that laptops are connected to mains power.

If this problem does occur, in many cases it is possible to recover the project with a special tool that is available here:
Detailed instructions for how to use the tool on Windows have been provided by jademan here:

sorry to barge in, can’t sstart a new topic. does anyone know why my latest audacity will not play back with a Presonus sound card 1824C and Win 11 xp computer would lows love of you experts to call me.

art barkwood studuios dc branch

toll free 240-475-3300


0 and a dell win 12 111

Should Audacity 3.3.3 be able to read from an aup3 file, residing on the same local C file as Audacity, that was:
a) first uploaded to the cloud in OneDrive, then downloaded to that C: drive?
b) first copied to a separate backup hard drive, then copied back to that local C: drive with the original file name?

Note that Windows File History, when backing up files to an external hard drive, appends a suffix (date-based?) to the name of each backed-up file. E.g., file “travel_1-4-18” was renamed to “travel_1-4-18 (2022_11_17 19_41_56 UTC)”. Audacity apparently can’t read such files when copied back to the local C drive, even after renaming them to the original name. Do you know why? Suggested workaround to allow using such a file?

wait for any solution