Version 3.4.1: Problem with "Analyze - Label Sounds..." into existing label tracks

Hello everyone,

I have recently upgraded from Audacity 3.3.3 to version 3.4.1.

Since I need the ASIO interface, I always compile Audacity myself. Which, by the way, is now very easy and works really well and reliably.

Now to my problem. I often use the “Analyse - Label Sounds…” function to find silence between sounds in a track. Since the upgrade, however, this no longer works in existing label tracks. I always have to deactivate the “Syn-Lock” first so that the “Label Sounds…” function can create its own label track.

Is this a desired behaviour or a bug?

Many thanks for your help!

Best regards

Yes, I can confirm this change in behavior. In 3.3.3, the results of Label Sounds were merged into the existing label track:

Whereas in 3.4.1, Label Sounds creates a new label track:

which track doesn’t get created if sync-lock is turned on. Perhaps @LWinterberg can clarify this change.

Hello jademan,

thank you for confirming my observation.

I hope that this is not a desired behaviour, as this would be a bit annoying in my use case.

Best regards

or @waxcylinder