Using "Publish" for .flac Export Would Be Bad UI Design

It would be bad user interface design to use “Publish” to export a file to a local system.

I am sorry, but what myself, and likely others want, just is a simple way to export a .flac file.

I have no idea why Audacity makes it so needlessly difficult to do a simple and frequent file export.


What’s wrong with using the simple menu command File > Export Audio or its shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E?

Which gives you this export dialog:

And then select FLAC Files from the Format dropdown menu.

If all you ever do is export to FLAC the Audacity should remember that setting for your next use of Exp.ort Audio.

See: Export Audio - Audacity Manual

And if you don’t like the 3-key shortcut you can always replace with a custom shortcut with a single key press. See:


As posted elsewhere, work is planned on Audacity to make that more difficult.

Ref: Please Don't Bury Flac Export

The 2 defiant Audacity imperatives:
1.) Must bury .flac!
2.) User interface must not look worthy of Audacity’s awsomeness!

FLAC is not “buried” it is consolidated equally among all the other audio exports in the latest Audacity.

The alternative would be to expand the old File>Export sub-menu to contain entries for all the available export formats (a route which IMHO Muse sensibly avoided

What Muse did with this was to simplify the audio export menu structure - a step which I personally think is good, as I hate seeing unnecessary menu-bloat in any app.

And actually in most earlier Audacity versions there was only ever a single export audio - it was only in later versions that the exports for (some, and only some) particular exports were added to the menu structure - so really Muse is actually reverting to the older, cleaner, simpler, menu structure.