Please Don't Bury Flac Export

Please put Flac under: File/Export/Export as Flac

Actually, were are in the Export tab, so we already have done extra work beyond saving to export something, and so it seems that File/Export/Flac would be fine, as for the rest of them. Generally, I feel that inserting “Export As” in front of the file type actually will make people prone to error, rather than less. I understand your reasoning, though.

But not for making an it extra difficult to save a .flac, which is a really useful file format. It’s open. It works. It’s a standard. I resaved almost all of my .wav files as .flac’s except for rare exchange cases such as cellphone ringtones which need to be .mp3s

I Almost lost this post because of autologout, too. : (

You’ll need to make this feature request on Muse’s GitHub issues log:

You will need a GitHub account, but those are free.


Fwiw, Audacity 4 will have a “publish” tab which contains more prominent exporting options all around.