The Red Triangle

For some reason, Audacity has stopped working. When I go to record, I get two red triangles, one a few seconds before zero time and one at zero, and the round “record” button says “click to pin”. The record head does not move, nothing records. I’m on a Mac running Mojave.

I reinstalled Audacity, with no effect. Then I trashed everything in the Audacity folder in Library>Application Support>Audacity, to reset the program and preferences. That worked for one attempt, still giving me the two red triangles, but recording. Then it froze up again. I repeated the process of emptying that folder, and this time it didn’t help; the red triangles refuse to move, and the round record button again says “click to pin.” I looked through the forums and did a Google search, and found others with this problem, but no one seems to have any answer. Can anyone here help? I still have a few thousand LPs to rip.

What settings do you have in your Device Toolbar ?


You tell us nothing about your hardware of software setup …


Do your “red triangles” look like the illustration on this page under the heading “After locking a Play Region”? If so, you have apparently made settings that a) allow showing the timeline before time zero; b) set a Play Region; and c) locked that play region.

Deleting stuff inside /Library/Application Support/audacity is not how to reset Audacity. You need to delete the stuff inside ~/Library/Application Support/audacity. Note the “~” character at the start.

See this message for details on how to reset Audacity.

– Bill