Subliminal/Supraliminal help

Hi every one.
I could use your help.

I am aware that many here do not believe in subliminals, or how they can work, but I know that you are ready to help anyway.

I would like to make a subliminal as well as a supraliminal

Subliminal Audios - Affirmations in high frequency, usually around 16000-17500 Hz which most adults can’t hear consciously but within the 20 - 20000 Hz range and hence detected by the ears. (masked/unmasked)

Supraliminal Audios - Affirmations in Low volume, masked by audio such that you don’t interpret the affirmations consciously even if you might hear them. (it is recommended that you hear whispers).

When it comes to subliminals:

  1. I heard that you don’t convert the audio file to 17500 Hz, so what actually happens? What is the difference between choosing 16500 or 17500?

What most people do is to “convert” their 44,100 Hz sound file to 17,500 hz and then use the original sound file to assess the sound level.

However, I saw in another comment that Steve referred to the following method:

What difference will it make?

I’ve also seen methods (that I can’t quite find) that first change the sample rate to 192000 Hz, then -1db, use .ny promt and then normalize to -23.

What difference will it make to a subliminal versus just converting it from 44,100?

The theory is "basically, when we say the affirmations are inaudible, it means that the human ear cannot hear the frequency because the auditory hair cells in your ear that are responsible for processing (hearing) this pitch have become very insensitive (usually a result of aging).

This is where the confusion occurs because so many people are led to believe that the brain can’t process something we can’t hear, and that is very incorrect. Your ears are responsible for hearing noises, but it’s the brain (auditory cortex) that’s responsible for processing and decoding the information.

Sound is what we hear while the brain interprets it. You can totally not hear something and still interpret it on a subconscious level. This is how subliminals work. Just because you can’t hear the affirmations doesn’t mean it isn’t being picked up by your brain. We know this because of the way sound waves work.

When you play the subliminal, you obviously won’t be able to hear anything, but does that mean the affirmations are just not there? Of course not. The sound waves are still there, causing your eardrums to vibrate where your brain processes and decodes these vibrations. The only difference is that your ears aren’t hearing it."

What I would like to ask for help with is:

Make sure the frequency is not too high. I saw in the analytics in Audacity that my highest frequency is almost 21000 Hz and make sure that the data is intact in the higher frequency.

In addition, I would like to hear what the difference is in the sound level when the frequency increases to avoid hearing damage.

2. As above, a supraliminal (masked) has the same effect as a subliminal, the advantage is that you can “hear” the messages, while the disadvantage is that they are not exactly “silent”.

The idea is to mask the affrmations recordings with ambient sounds BUT it must still be possible to hear the whispers/mumbling without it being possible to understand what is being said. This is because the sound waves must be strong enough to enter the ear, and if you mask the voices completely the effect will not be that great. I have done this successfully but the white noise I use is incredibly loud and I have difficulty finding a good balance. Besides this, there can be a difference in whether I can hear the words, depending on how loud I turn up the volume. Is there an option here to “lock in” the whisper/mumbles when I find the right volume, so no matter how much I turn it up or down, I only hear the whisper/murmur.

So how to mask the affirmation recording without getting hearing damage from a jet engine.

I saw this suggestion from DVDdoug but I don’t know if it has the same effect?

I hope you understand my questions, despite you guys being skeptical about it. So I need your professional objective help :smiley:

Ohh btw. DVDdoug also wrote this before the part i quoted:

…My “favorite” subliminal technique is to simply mix a quiet recording with a louder recording that drowns-out the “secret message”. The louder sound can be white noise, pink noise, music, etc. Natural sounds like waves & rain usually have quiet parts where the subliminal might leak-through, and with music the same thing could happen if you have sublimibals between songs.

I like this method because you can later subtract-out the loud sound and boost the volume revealing the message (if you are careful about the process). This also “proves” that a secret message actually exists! It’s also easy to do and easy to understand how the technique works. Some other methods might end-up mangling & destroying the message,

most adults can’t hear …” >16kHz. Full-stop. End of story.

20 - 20000 Hz range” is nominal. In reality high-frequency limit declines steadily with age …

Perhaps Audacity should include EQ preset curves to modify audio destined for grey & white-haired audiences, to compensate for their inevitable high-frequency hearing-loss. :older_man: :older_adult:

True that’s not the issue here. You “cant” hear it, but it still creates vibrations. People get great results with subliminals but that’s not what I’d like to discuss. I understand the sceptism, just want help

Then I’d suggest that you leave out bits like this:
"The sound waves are still there, causing your eardrums to vibrate where your brain processes and decodes these vibrations… "
If you write things like that, expect to be corrected, because in the known universe, that’s not how things work, no matter what anyone wants to believe. This forum is not the place to discuss beliefs, it’s a place for talking about Audacity.

As I wrote in your other topic, the audio frequencies are modulated with a 17500 Hz carrier wave. This is called “Amplitude Modulation”, and you can read about how Amplitude Modulation works here: Amplitude modulation - Wikipedia

That is the frequency of the carrier wave. The lower it is, the more likely you will hear a high pitched whistling sound.

Amplitude modulation creates a band of frequencies that are centred on the “carrier frequency”. The frequency band is symmetrical about the carrier frequency, so half of the modulated signal is above the carrier frequency, and half is below. This is called “double-sideband amplitude modulation”.
However, because:

  1. We want the frequencies to be too high to hear,
  2. The modulated frequency band is symmetric,
    we can remove the lower half of the band. This is done with a high pass filter and is called “single-sideband modulation”. See: Single-sideband modulation - Wikipedia

Digital audio has a frequency limit that is half of the sample rate. Thus for a sample rate of 44100 Hz, it is not possible to have frequencies above 22050 Hz.
If the carrier frequency is 17500 Hz, and we are using single sideband modulation, that means that we have a maximum audio bandwidth of
22050 - 17500 = 4550 Hz (4.55 kHz)
That’s similar to telephone quality audio.

If we try using a carrier frequency that is much higher than 17500, with a sample rate of 44100, there won’t really be enough usable bandwidth to represent the audio.

If we use a carrier frequency much below 16000 Hz, listeners are likely to hear it. It sounds like a high pitched swishing / whistling sound.
(Note that if your subconscious could hear the silent subliminal, what it would hear is this high pitched swishing / whistling sound).

What? Normalizing? That just amplifies the result to a specified level. See: Normalize - Audacity Manual

Using a higher sample rate allows more bandwidth for the encoded audio. However, the actual bandwidth will still be limited by the playback capabilities of the hardware. Most audio playback systems are limited to around 20000 Hz (20 kHz) max.

On the other hand, if you are using AM modulation as a form of Steganography, a high sample rate will support fairly high quality audio encoding.

Can you point us to a double-blind trial that shows audio with “subliminal” messages works better than placebo audio (without added inaudible messages) ?.

Dont need to show anything. I judge on results nothing else

I know it works for several reasons. So you can believe what you want, I have 0 doubts, the reason I ask is to make it as much effective as possible and I want to take care of my ears. I am more comfortable with supraliminals because subliminals have a lot more possibilities for errors

They are kept top secret by military, etc so victims of that form of torture know it works but they cannot prove it.

That sounds like the work of the MIB that guard the “ice wall” :confused:

In some other thread, you asked me or the forum about how AM will work with silent subliminal because brain doesn’t know how to demodulate the AM signal. I think it would work because AM signal will have 1 to 1 correspondence with pressure waves of the sound, the increase and decrease in amplitude would correspond with rarefaction and compression of sound waves, when that AM signal is encoded as an audio file, it would produce similar sound pressure in the ear.

Here is a video of someone burning leaves near an AM radio station and the burning of leaves are producing sound of the transmission:

This is from Internet, so always be skeptical but not close minded.

That theory is easy to test. Try AM modulation of a voice recording with a 10 kHz carrier. If the theory is correct, you will be able to hear what is being said.

Can I use the Silent Subliminal script to modulate at 10KHz? I don’t know of any other way to make an AM signal.

This will do it:

;version 4

(setf cf 10000) ;modulation carrier frequency

(defun bandpass8 (sig lo hi)
      (highpass8 sig lo) hi))

(setf *track* (bandpass8 *track* 150 4000))
(setf *track* (mult *track* (hzosc cf)))
(bandpass8 *track* (+ cf 150) (+ cf 4000))

and to decode:

;version 4
(mult 1.2 *track* (hzosc 10000))

I don’t know Nyquist scripting language, so I only take your word in good faith assume it makes an AM signal.

I did try the 1st script in your post on a voice only audio file and although it removed most of the voice, I was able to hear “zzz” sounds like the buzzing of a bee, according to the rhythm or intonation of the speech. The 2nd script restored it to it’s original quality. I think this would partly confirm my theory I posted earlier about AM. I don’t know if I could have guessed the words if I didn’t know them, but since I know the words, I could guess when words those buzzing alluded to. According to silent subliminal patent, frequency following response of the auditory brain stem plays a role in this, maybe it follows the amplitude pattern and the brain thinks of the word.

Now is your chance to find out …

[Decode code … Subliminal/Supraliminal help - #14 by steve ]

Yes, that’s what “Amplitude Modulation” does. You have a “carrier wave” (in this case, a 10000 Hz (10 kHz) sine wave), and then make the amplitude of the carrier wave follow the amplitude of the “message” (the amplitude of the carrier wave is “modulated” by the amplitude of the message). You should easily be able to see that the shape of the encoded waveform is pretty much the same as the shape of the message.

Not quite the original quality, as there’s some sound quality loss due to filtering, but the quality is good enough to be able to clearly hear what is being said.

That’s unlikely. Because you can only hear the “shape” of the words, “ball” and “fall” and “row” and “cow” will all sound virtually identical when encoded.
Here’s a short sample - before decoding it, see if you can tell what is being talked about:

I couldn’t understand the modulated speech. But I was able to recover it from the script and then I could understand.

Was this single sideband or double sideband? I would like to try it with double sideband as well as frequency modulation.

If this kind of silent subliminal doesn’t work, are there any other way to make a silent subliminal effective.

The code I posted was (nearly) single sideband. The only difference between single and double sideband is that for single sideband, either the upper or lower sideband is suppressed. I say “nearly” because the code that I posted doesn’t completely suppress the lower sideband - a little bit of the lower sideband still gets through.

The code can be modified to be (fully) double sideband by removing one of the filter stages, like this:

;version 4

(setf cf 10000) ;modulation carrier frequency

(defun bandpass8 (sig lo hi)
      (highpass8 sig lo) hi))

(setf *track* (bandpass8 *track* 150 4000))
(mult *track* (hzosc cf))

The double sideband wasn’t any more legible than single side band.

The Silent Subliminal patent also describes frequency modulation, tone modulation, phase modulation and upper single sideband with suppressed carrier, do you know how to or point me in the direction where I can learn to, make silent subliminal in these other modulations?