Subliminal/Supraliminal help

Anyone can make a patent-application, including crackpots & scammers.
The existence of a patent (or patent application) can give a scam credibility.
e.g. here’s a patent for a gadget that allegedly gives more miles per gallon …

The man behind it went to jail for fraud, & from there was moved to a lunatic asylum.
(So in his case a scammer-crackpot combo).

I know that just because there is a patent doesn’t mean it works. But as this is thread is talking about silent subliminals related to that patent and there is a script here which makes such subliminal, I thought about asking for other modulations mentioned in the patent.

But from personal experience I know that a subliminal like that exists and is very effective.

BTW what is the difference between the code posted here for 10KHz AM and the one posted in silent subliminal thread. Because when I created a 10KHz signal with the script mentioned in silent subliminal, the output was very similar to the output produced by the script posted here.

If that was the case …
people next to you would also hear it,
Those close to the hypothetical source of the sound would be deafened by it.
If you put earplugs in, the sound should instantly be attenuated.

The carrier frequency is different. 10kHz is audible by most people. To have the message present but silent (inaudible), it would have to be beyond 20kHz, (i.e. ultrasound). But as standard audio equipment is not designed for ultrasound, the compromise is ~17kHz.

It could have a practical application, can incorporate inaudible data into audio, like a time-code or a watermark, (but no use for covert brainwashing).

I vaguely remember having similar conversation on the forum, I don’t know if it is with you, I believe there is an implant in one of my ears or ear regions, the signals to it are audible to me through bone conduction, due to the implant getting vibrated minutely. But I can’t hear the words, so either it is silent subliminal or similar technique or volume is too low. In this case, the person next to me wouldn’t hear it and I cannot block it by ear plugs. The only way to defend against it is by signal jamming, but I don’t know the frequency on which the implant is receiving signals. Getting it removed by surgery, which is risky. Move far away, which is impractical because signal can be transmitted from far away. Live in an EM shielded room, which is like a prison and I cannot remain in it 24 hours. The other solution people like you would suggest is go to a psychologist, which wouldn’t help but actually make me vulnerable as a mentally ill person and death and injury inflicted on me could be dismissed away as because of non-existent mental illness.

I have experience with technique similar to silent subliminal and I know it is very effective in conditioning the mind, because my mind is being conditioned by such technique. If you know how to make silent subliminal effective, do tell. And I wrote I modified silent subliminal script to generate 10KHz output and it’s output and the output from the script posted in this thread are very similar.

So just to be clear, subliminal messages can be between 16.000 and 17.500Hz and around -20 db?

Thanks for the clarification.