Different silent subliminal scripts from this forum produce different outputs

I’m trying to find the most effective silent subliminal technique to better understand what I’m suffer and possibly to put a stop to it. I found this forum through my search on it on the Internet. Few scripts have been posted on this forum which claim to do what is mentioned in silent subliminal patent.

The most popular one is posted in this https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/silent-subliminals-solved/20100/1 which is the following:

;nyquist plug-in
;version 1
;type process
;name "Subliminal..."
;action "Subliminal..."
;control carrier "Carrier" real "Hz" 17500 14000 20000

(setf carrier (max 14000 (min carrier 20000)))

;; We have two Nyquist frequencies, carrier/2 and *sound-srate*/2.
;; The CUTOFF is the maximum allowed frequency in the modulator.
;; It must not be greater than carrier/2, but also not greater than
;; the difference between the carrier and *sound-srate*/2, because
;; otherwise the modulated carrier aliases.

(setf cutoff (min (/ carrier 2.0) (- (/ *sound-srate* 2.0) carrier)))

(defun cut (function sound frequency)
  (dotimes (ignore 10 sound)
    (setf sound (funcall function sound frequency))))

(defun subliminal (sound)
  (let ((result (mult 2 (cut #'lowpass8 (hp sound 80) cutoff)
                        (hzosc carrier))))
    (cut #'highpass8 result carrier)))

(if (< *sound-srate* 44100)
    (princ "The track sample frequency must be minimum 44100Hz.")
    (multichan-expand #'subliminal s))

When I use the above script on this track:
I get this output:
I get similar output when I use this code from this https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/subliminal-supraliminal-help/66531/18

;version 4

(setf cf 10000) ;modulation carrier frequency

(defun bandpass8 (sig lo hi)
      (highpass8 sig lo) hi))

(setf *track* (bandpass8 *track* 150 4000))
(setf *track* (mult *track* (hzosc cf)))
(bandpass8 *track* (+ cf 150) (+ cf 4000))

Although I get different waveform but it sounds very similar when I modified the 1st code I posted in this thread to create a 10KHz silent subliminal.

Now the following silent subliminal code is from a different thread here https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/silent-subliminal-function/18148/1

(lowpass8 (highpass8 s 300) 7000)
(hzosc 45000)
(hzosc 59500))

When I use this code, I get a completely different output from the Edgar’s code, which is shown below
You can notice how different this is from the output from the Edgar’s code.
I think the output from this code is similar to the output one would get if they followed the method of creation mentioned in the patent.

The recovery code mentioned in that thread is not working for the codes posted in 1st page of that thread, recovery code:

(lowpass8 (mult s (hzosc 14500)) 8000)

So which is the correct code for silent subliminal as described in the patent?

That’s not going to work correctly with a 10 kHz carrier because of the 14 kHz high-pass filter.

There is additional explanation of the code in that topic, particularly the last post: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/silent-subliminal-function/18148/35

Also, it won’t work as written in modern versions of Audacity because it is so old. You would need to change “s” to “track”, or add “;version 1” in a new line at the start.

Also, it requires a track sample rate > 120 kHz so that the 59.5 kHz tone can be generated.

I haven’t modified this code, I modified the Edgar’s code to generate a 10KHz. Is the reason the output is different because of low sample rate?

After changing the project sample rate to 176KHz and resampling the track with this sample rate, I ran this code after adding ;version 1 at the beginning, and this is the output:
Looks significantly different than the output from Edgar’s code. The output frequency range falls within 7KHz to 23KHz. Is this correct?