Screenshot tool takes screenshots... of the screenshot window!

Using Audacity 2.3.0
System is Windows 10 (x64).
Graphic driver is NVIDIA 416.34 (latest for GTX 1050 card).

The screenshot tool seems to be broken. Whatever screenshot I take (window, window full, window plus) they’re all the same and all of them have the screenshot window in them.
There’s also a very annoying window titled “Long Message” (?) that opens every time I take a screenshot. I can’t stop Audacity from doing that, the Preferences menu doesn’t have any setting for the screenshot tool.
Full Window001.jpg
Which version of Audacity should I revert to to get a working screenshot tool (I don’t remember which version I was using prior to upgrading, probably 2.2.2)? And where can I download it?

Anything there?


Windows 10 also a screenshot/recording tool (windows key + G) but I’d much rather use the Audacity tool.

I reverted to 2.2.2 and the screenshot tool is working correctly again. I’ll wait until it’s fixed to upgrade Audacity then.

As a workaround, when taking a windowed (not full-screen) screenshot, you could move the screenshot tool to the side so that it does not overlap the Audacity window.

Try the “Snipping Tool” Open Snipping Tool and take a screenshot - Microsoft Support
If you use it regularly, you could pin it to the taskbar or create a Desktop shortcut.
If you create a Desktop shortcut, you can also add a keyboard shortcut (right click on the Desktop shortcut and select “Properties”.

Seems a bit extreme considering there are such easy workarounds. There’s quite a lot of improvements in 2.3.0

Thanks for the details about the screenshot bug. I’ll add it to the bug tracker.

Thanks for the tips about the Snipping Tool. I didn’t know (obviously) about it.

I know but I use the spectrogram view (the color scheme is easy to read) combined with the screenshot tool a lot, they make life easier.

There should be no difference in the Spectrogram view color scheme between 2.2.2 and 2.3.0 :confused:



Are you happy with that as a workaround until the screenshot bug is fixed?

I never said there was.

Well, I’m happy to have learned about the snipping tool. And I’m happy with Audacity 2.2.2, it meets my current needs so I’m cool waiting for a future software update.

PS: there are actually 3 bugs with the Screenshot Tool in 2.3.0: 1/ all screenshots are the same; 2/ the screenshot window is in the screenshot image; 3/ the “long message” window thing, it would be nice if we could disable that.

I don’t know what you mean.
I did a screenshot of the full window, and I got a picture of the full window (with the screenshot window visible)
I did a screenshot of the first track, and got a picture of the first track.