Remove gaps between audio clips, push clips together

This is a common situation. The user isolated clips that are interesting and wants to push them together so they can work with them on a compact space and decide whether to export them individually or together in one and maybe perform fades.

From this:

To this:

Manually achieving this involves very unsatisfactory dragging with insecurity whether they are a snug fit or use of a lot of cut paste and jumping to the end.

In Premiere, you have the benefit of being able to select (leftclick) empty space between clips and delete them, knowing for sure the clips are next to each other. In Shotcut, you can right-click empty space and “ripple delete”. In Audition, you can right-click empty space and Ripple Delete > Gap as well as Edit > Ripple Delete > Gap in Selected Track, which is active if the playhead is currently on top of empty space.

Using Truncate Silence is an incredibly weird workaround with unusable defaults and requires understanding of a completely unrelated workflow. A different conversation drifted into nothingness.

I’d like to suggest Audacity adds the ability to

  1. Edit > Audio Clips > Remove Gaps to remove gaps in the entire project or if a selection exists, between all clips touched by the selection
  2. The ability to right-click empty space and delete it

Align Tracks already provides similar functionality for tracks. Let’s bless Clips with advanced basics too! :smiley: