Removing Gaps Between Clips W/OUT Truncate Sound

Hello friends. I am using Windows 10 and audacity 3.

I would like to find a way to remove the space between clips. I do not want to use Truncate Sound because there may be silent spaces within the clips that I do not want altered.

I realize that by setting the sensitivity to -80 I could probably remove only the space between clips without losing anything inside the clips, but if there is an alternative, I’d rather not risk it.

I just want to move all my clips all the way to the left, and eliminate space between them.

Thank you so much if you have any advice on the matter.

That sounds like the kind of job that Truncate Silence was designed for, but if you don’t want to use Truncate Silence, then you will need to find another effect that does the same as Truncate Silence. I don’t see why an effect with a different name would make any difference. :confused:

Thanks for replying, Steve.

Just to make it clear, the reason I don’t want to use truncate silence, is that truncate silence will remove silence that exists inside the clips. I want the clips to be unchanged but pushed together.

To get software to do this, there has to be something special about the clips. Something you can program. If the only thing special is that you recognize the content, then you may be stuck doing it manually.

What is the content? What are the clips? Why are we doing this?


If the gaps between the clips are all longer than any gap within any clip, then truncate silence can do the job.

When you say “clips”, do you mean Audacity’s audio clips (as described here:

If so, why not just drag them to remove spaces?

Yes, there has to be a way to remove gaps between the (Audacity definition of) clips other than truncate sound or move each one by hand–WHY does audacity put gaps between clips??

What are you talking about?