Is there a way to have a selection of clips snap together on a track, instead of dragging them one by one?

Without dragging each little clip. Snapping them to the edge of their neighbor/clip, which is far away.
I have cut out all the um’s and other such, and am left with this scattering of finished product, that needs to be manhandled even more. I was just hoping that there were some magical way to tidy them up. Something that tells them: Snap to it you Clips! :mrgreen: Let’s see what you got!
Thank you kindly, KA
to this.png
from this.png

I just experimented and you seem to be able to do it this way

  1. select the track
  2. Edit > Clips > join
  3. Observe: the inter clip tracks have silences now and it’s all one clip
  4. Effect > Truncate silence
  5. set the Truncate to to be 0 seconds
  6. you may want to reduce the silence threshold to say -80 (your inter-clip silence from step 4s are absolute silence)
  7. and make sure duration (default half a second) is shorter than your shortest gap
  8. Press OK

See this page in the manual:

truncate silence.png

Wow that’s a LOT of good information, I’m jazzed to play around with that, thank you SO much!

And sorry it took me a while to get back to you - I happened to be playing around with clips yesterday (I found a nasty bug) and this led me to experiment further with what you asked for.

I hope it works for you.