Hi Lads,

I have been recording the volunteer audiobooks with Audacity and I am using 2.2.1. I also follow the audiobook mastering process which works quite well, thank you.

Recently a friend asked if I could record a few spots for him to run on the radio. However, the last time I did one it was on an Ampex reel to reel. I am wondering if I can do it with Audacity and how different need the process be from the audiobook mastering. When I would record freelance stuff at local studios in the 70’s they used to compress the heck out of the audio to make it jump out of the speakers, can I do that myself in Audacity? Any tips and tricks?


The new & improved “LevelSpeech2.ny” plugin will do that …
''LevelSpeech2'' suggested settings.png
How to install plugin …Missing features - Audacity Support

Thanks Trebor.

I downloaded it. Looks good! Is it the final part of your chain or do you normalize after it?


Sometimes LevelSpeech2 can be a little bit too loud & cause clipping. Normalizing afterwards will cure that …
Normalize used to cure clipping caused by ''Levelspeech2''.gif
[ Red lines are “show clipping” ]

Thanks again, Trebor

The link says "Experimental Version. When is it real?

Are the revisions called out in the code? Which Rev is current?


The experiment was to add sliders for attack & decay times.
Once they have been adjusted to match speech they could be hidden.

The original (nonadjustable) attack & decay times on LevelSpeech were too slow for speech, IMO.