Project is Corrupt ( unable to work with the block files)

While working on a project in the very end session my macbook got shutdown and after reopen my mac it showed that message
“ project is corrupt unable to work with the block file”

I share that corrupted file (.aup3) by google drive

Please help me and recover my corrupt file
Thanks in advance

Fortunately, in many cases, the .aup3 project file is recoverable, even better, this something you can do yourself. See here for instructions:

I post my problem earlier that my file got corrupted and some from volunteers give me a solution for windows (thanks for that ) but I have no windows machine even not nearby as I lived in a remote area . I am seeking for help from anyone please help me out to recover the file for me its a humble request

I shared the file in google drive

I work about 72 hours on this project and all gone stack now even I can’t sleep

So here is your recovered file: :smiley:

Just so you know, I am only a lowly volunteer; I have another life, and I don’t need to be doing this anymore. If you can find yourself a Windows machine, you can do this yourself - It is a lot faster than having to do two uploads and two downloads not to mention the coordination over different time zones.

The Audacity gods over at MuseScore (Dmitry, actually) wrote this recovery program, and have made it available to everyone. It just now seems that it is not available for MacOS users for some reason. You could do both of us a favor - can you create an issue here: asking for a MacOS compatible version of the database repair facility ?

Also, note that gguzman may be doing this. :smiley: You can find him over at discord here:

Hi is there any way you can help me recover my project? I’ve just spent an entire day on my project, and I have the same error when I try to open my project. I’m on a mac so I can’t use the recovery program.

So thanks for asking. I’m not doing this anymore. You’ll have to ask a friend to help. Or you can try asking at Discord: Audacity. I thing gguzman has done this before.