Plugin to "inject silence" in existing quiet gaps in an audio track?

Suppose I have an audio track (of a guy speaking) that is 10 minutes long. (This track has the typical pauses and periods.)

Let’s say that I want to make the track 12 minutes long.

And, I want to do this buy “lengthening” the “silent pauses” between his sentences.

I could (of course) manually scroll to every “quiet part” of the audio track, and then click “insert silence.” (And then proceed to the next quiet part…)

But is there a plugin that will do this for me? Is there an “Extend Silence Plugin”?
e.g. can I push a button to, say, “Extend all quiet parts by 1/2 second.”


Looks like i found some posts here:

Suggestions still welcome!

There’s a “Trim/Extend” plug-in here:

Installation instructions:

Hi thanks

does this plugin inject silence in the middle of the track?

I want to do this

Oops, when I first read your post the image did not appear.
Scratch my previous reply and try this one: Extend Silences