find silence, insert 5sec silence, make multitrack [SOLVED]

viste 32 bit
auda ver 205
I want to find silences at an audio and insert 5 second or so in silences and and create multitrack as dividing at the end of extended new track. but multitrack may reaches ten of thousands and very time consuming. No chain is also available.

I don’t fully understand what you are trying to do and why. Let’s get that clear first.

Are you saying you want to expand existing silences in a track? Is this track a single audio file like WAV or MP3? Do you then want to export individual files from this track that has expanded silences? If so, what is the content of each exported file? Is the content the audio with the expanded silence at the end, or the expanded silence at the start?

Once the correct silences are in place, you can use Analyze > Silence Finder… then File > Export Multiple… . Export Multiple does not work with Chains but you don’t need a Chain if you are only dealing with one file.

For expanding the silences, do the silences already occur at regular intervals? If so there is an “Audio Chunker” plug-in that can probably expand the silence for you (it splits a track into “chunks” by inserting silence in-between the “chunks”).


hi Gale
I’m doing on a single mp3 file
1-sound finder
2- multitract export
3- adding some seconds at the end of each new tract
but a single file may be divided to thousands of tracts that’s tedious.
the process is kind of language analysis.
if it will be applicable like
1- sound finder
2- adding some seconds or so at the intervals
3- multitract export
my time can be saved

So if the initial silences don’t occur at completely regular intervals such as every 5 seconds, I suggest you try Steve’s experimental Stretch Silence plug-in which was written for a similar use case to yours.

The plug-in detects silences based on a specified Threshold level and minimum length of silence, then expands each detected silence by a specified length. Put the downloaded NY file in the Audacity “Plug-Ins” folder, then restart Audacity. You will see the plug-in in the bottom part of the Effect Menu.

Use this plug-in first, then Sound Finder to add labels, then Export Multiple.

You could use this plug-in in a Chain, but you don’t need to - you only have two effects to run, and can’t use Export Multiple in a Chain.

Give Steve some feedback about the plug-in, please if you use it.

By the way, the word is “track”, not “tract” for audio meaning.


hi Gale & Steve