Extend every silence in sound file


I hope you can help with this thing, as I thought it must be simple, but I don’t know how to achieve:

I have a sound file with many silences. During the speaker’s breaks the listener is asked to do something, but it is that the time to do so is not enough. That’s how I want to extend each silence (best by a percentage) automatically. I found ways to truncate silences but not the other way round. It’s just too many to do it manually.

Audacity has a batch tool called Chains.


Audacity also has Analyze > Silence Finder. You might be able to find each silent event and Generate > Silence at the location. I know of no way to do it as a percentage of the existing silence.

Where did the original silences come from? If the performer just stops talking, it might be interesting for Silence Finder to work is way around normal performance room noise. For example, it’s possible if the performer decided to shift in their chair during a gap, Silent Sense may give you two hits, one before and one after.


Try the Extend Silences plugin.