Mastered FM radio compressor preset

Anyone has a Mastered FM radio preset for the Compressor effect?

You can try [u]Chris’s Dynamic Compressor[/u]. It wasn’t designed to emulate a broadcast compressor but it was designed for a similar purpose (to even-out the loudness of music).

Broadcasters are required to use a limiter (because it’s illegal to over-modulate) and I don’t know if Chris’s Compressor includes a limiter.

I assume somebody makes a compressor that emulates a broadcast compressor… There are software emulations of famous vintage studio compressors.

The [u]Nyquist Plug-in Page[/u] has a couple of “Broadcast Limiters” and few other dynamics effects plus a Tape Saturation Limiter.

Ok. Do you have any screenshots of a good FM Radio master preset on Chris’s Dynamic Compressor?

LevelSpeech2.ny plugin has a limiter & a compressor.

Radio stations use multiband compression.

4 free multi-band compressor plugins …

G-Multi …
KSHMR Essentials Kick …
Puncher2 lite …
OTT (which is OTT) …

Do you have any screenshots of a good FM Radio master preset on Chris’s Dynamic Compressor?

Duplicate the last ten or twelve seconds of the show at the end so there is “show” there you don’t care about.
Run Chris’s Compressor.
Change Compress Ratio: from the default 0.5 to 0.77.
Cut off the sacrificial trash at the end.


Chris’s Compressor is not a generic compression tool or collection of tools you have to start tuning. It was specifically designed to do this job. With that one setting change, it produces an effect identical to the local FM station. I’ve never seen it overload or clip.

This is a recent satisfied customer.


We should note that Broadcast Compression is not perfection-on-a-plate. The classical music people have been complaining about it for decades because it sucks the expression and interpretation out of the music. But whatever it does, it’s legal. Broadcast regulators have specifications for both over and under modulation, and it’s good to meet them.

I once worked at a station who was so terrified of being too loud, they got cited for being too quiet. Possibly the only station to ever get that citation.


ToneBoosters has a free multi-band compressor plugin with a “FM radio” preset …

TB_FIX4_v3 'FM Radio' preset.png