How to shift clips to the right?

I cannot find a way to do a basic task: I need to insert something and for that I need to move all the clips to the right. But it doesn’t move:

I didn’t find this Help article helpful:
Audio Clips - Audacity Manual.
as what it says just doesn’t work: one doesn’t select audio clips with the selection tool, because it doesn’t seem to know anything about audio clips, operating instead with audio data, not audio clips.

You will probably find it helpful to turn on the option for Editing a clip can move other clips in Tracks Behaviors preferences.

This used to be on by default but Muse changed that to off by default a few releases ago.

See: Tracks Behaviors Preferences - Audacity Manual


I’ll have a look, thanks!

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I have added some information about that preference for " Editing a clip can move other clips" to the section on moving clips on the Clips page you referenced.

This change is in the alpha manual for the next release (and will not show in the 3.4.2 manual)


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I think I’m still fighting with my problem. Let me quicky record a short screencast.

If you just want to shift a bunch of clips to the right, select all of them and drag them together (you don’t need that preference setting for that).


I tried to do it, but I couldn’t find a way to select more than one clip. Neither Shift nor Ctrl help here, they don’t enable audio-clip multiselection

A simple click&drag selection will do it:

After dragging the clips by any of the selected clip-handles:


Or click on the left boundary of the left-most clip you want to move - then hold down Shift and then click the Select to end button in the Transport toolbar (the one that looks like a fast-forward on a tape recorder or VCR).


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I’m new and still learning, but I found creating space at the end and then moving over the last clip opened space for the second to last and because there was space I could move right. It’s a pretty kludgy time cosuming way to do it, but like you I couldn’t move all the clips over to the right at once.

That’s difficult to achieve when the length is big as in my case (40 minutes of recording). So basically to see the whole thing I zoom out, and at that zoom level the details get lost :slight_smile:
But the second approach worked. I’ll post a video.

Yep, this one worked great!
I found out that I can apply Select to the end function to audio clips.

Great your improving and learning fast - glad I was able to help.


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