Отсутствует плагин Hard limiter

Добрый день!
Собственно отсутствует данный плагин в программе. Вопрос: где его можно взять?
Просьба не присылать ссылку на мануал. Я и так его уже много раз читал, и от того, что я прочту его еще раз, плагин в программе не появится.
Я пытался найти в интернете отдельно плагин и скачать, но его нигде нет.
Программа свежая. Скачал с официального сайта только вчера. Заранее спасибо.

Look under Effect > Volume and Compression > Limiter


смотрите под эффектом > Объем и сжатие > Ограничитель

Посмотрите в разделе «Эффект»> «Громкость и сжатие»> «Ограничитель».

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Thx for help, but filter is missing

I can see from your image that the limiter is missing and I can’t say I know why. In the old “Effect” display, it was hidden in the bottom half of the list. Now the list has been revamped and there may be a translation issue changing its sort sequence. If you can’t find it under Nyquist or under Steve Daulton, you can check to see if it is enabled in Tools > Plugin Manager.

The plug-in is called “limiter.ny” and should be located in your C:\Program Files\Audacity\plug-ins directory. I just confirmed that it is present in the 3.3.2 version of Audacity.

If you can’t find it there, you might want to rerun your installation. Or you can download just the Audacity Windows .zip file and extract plug-ins\limiter.ny. I can also see it present on Audacity: plug-ins/limiter.ny | Fossies, but I have no experience with that site. There is also a newer version “limiter2.ny” available here: New Limiter with Attack and Release controls.

Should you download a new limiter.ny, you can install it using the: Nyquist Plugin Installer - Audacity Manual

Perhaps @steve has some thoughts on this.

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Maybe something here: hard limiter plugin

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That’s right, there is a “limiter” plugin in the Steve Dalton section.
However, I still wonder why you have six positions in the sound and compression drop-down menu, and I have only five. Do we have different versions of the program?

I think the versions are the same (3.3.2). I think there may be some subtle differences in the (fairly new) sorting and grouping algorithm. Do you want to post your Edit > Preferences > Effects screen?


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