New Limiter with Attack and Release controls

A new limiter effect: “Limiter 2” (to distinguish it from Audacity’s current limiter)

I think it should be reasonably obvious how to use the effect.

Here’s the plug-in:
limiter2.ny (2.12 KB)
Installations instructions are the same as for any other Nyquist plug-in:

Hi Steve,

Looks interesting but does not work in 2.4.2.
Is there some Nyquist function that is only available or updated in newer versions?

I notice too that the heading says attack and release but the GUI only shows a release control.

Full debug report attached. (764 Bytes)

Strange, it works with Audacity 2.4.2 here.

No, the header says “Lookahead (ms)” and “Release (ms)”.

This is a screenshot of it running in 2.4.2 with default settings:


Thanks Steve, I suspect something went wrong with the download.
Re-downloaded the plugin and all good.
Sorry about the false alarm.

Works really well.

Good that it’s not restricted to -10db, like its predecessor

It can quite happily go well below -20 dB. I originally had the scale going down to -30 dB, but thought that was a bit excessive - what do you think would be a useful minimum?

-20dB is plenty for me.