hard limiter plugin

I am missing the hard limiter plugin. Please explain where you can get it. Please do not write a link to the manual, I have already read it many times. The plugin is missing from the program. I tried to find it on the Internet, it is missing everywhere. The program was downloaded yesterday from the official website.

Audacity does not ship with a plugin called “hard limiter”.
Audacity does ship with a plugin called “Limiter” which has a setting called “Hard Limit”.

If the Effect menu has default ordering, the Limiter effect is in “Effect menu > Steve Daulton”.

Effect > Distortion… > Hard Clipping
Effect > Distortion … > Hard Limiter 1413

Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 06.10.16


What’s the goal? The hard limiters and clippers create distortion and harsh edges to speech and vocal performances. If your goal is to keep a theatrical performance from exceeding a set limit, then the Audiobook Mastering Suite will do that with the additional benefit that you can’t hear it working.

Bring us up.


My goal is simple. I have a fairly sonorous voice and when recording some video where music is heard in the background, problems often arise, because I try to raise the volume before posting on YouTube.

Did you find the Limiter effect? Did you try it?

There are 4 options from soft limit to hard clip and a few other settings you can play with.

You’ll have to experiment with the settings.

You may want to Amplify or normalize first to have a known starting point. And to bring-up the loudness after limiting you can use make-up gain, or you can amplify or normalize again after limiting pushes-down the peaks.

The hard & soft limit options use look-ahead so they don’t distort the wave shape. If you want “grit” as well as loudness you can try the clipping options to get some distortion.

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