Free stereo-visualizer VST from iZotrope

It’s a vector-scope and stereo-widener …
''ozone imager''.gif

Pro: it’s free , (PC & Mac only).
Con: The download is big ~60Mb ,
Although the Windows VST2 dll, (which is the version for Audacity on Windows), is only 2.4Mb

BTW you do have to give iZotope an email address before you can download.

Nice find Trebor :slight_smile:

What’s the other 57.6 MB?


Should we be adding this to the Wiki?


All the Windows variants (8?) are packaged together in the one download.
Apparently no strings attached, just a link-button on the plugin to the iZotope website …
link-button to iZotope website in bottom-right corner.png
[I gave them a disposable email-address , so I won’t be getting any marketing from them].

Correction it’s 10x bigger : I’ve just reinstalled Ozone-Imager and there’s two components to it …
Ozone Imager is ~25Mb in total.png
so it’s a ~25Mb deal.

iZotope’s demo of “Ozone Imager” on YouTube …
( IMO they’ve over-did the stereo-widening a bit for purposes of illustration )