Four Effects Greyed Out

Before I say anything, my audio is stopped, not paused. It allowed me to use distortion once and it was too much. So I undid it and then I couldn’t use distortion again.

If this helps:

Bass and Treble, Phaser, and Wahwah are greyed out as well. Everything else is available though.

This is my first time using Audacity and I couldn’t find the answer to this anywhere.

Audacity currently only supports one “real time preview” effect to be open at a time.
Click the “Close” button on the Distortion effect window, and the other real time preview effects will be available (but only one at a time).

I addec this to the TTP page in the alpha Manual:


Where is the distortion effect window? I have this same problem.

Nevermind, found it, apparently I had an effect menu box open and it was behind my app window and I did not see it. I had to minimize my Audacity window to find the hidden effects box and I was able to close out of it, and then my effects were once again available like the remainder of the others. Hopefully this helps someone.