Multiple effects with "real time preview" open at the same time

My suggestion refers exactly to the matter described first in this thread:
and then added to the manual:

Is there a chance for modifying Audacity so that at least two such effects can be open at the same time?

This would simplify enormously the restoration of an audio file.

This is my situation:

For restoration in most of the cases I use two effects (both of them having a real time preview):

  • a De-esser (“Spitfish”)
  • a De-Clicker (“Acon”)

I never apply them to a whole track but only to quite small regions of a track and sometimes combined both of them. So the procedure becomes quite time consuming because of the existing restriction:

  • Either I select the first region where I apply effect A, then I close this effect, afterwards (if necessary) I open effect B and then apply it too. Then I go to the next region where I perform the same steps.
    That’s the way I do it until now (for years) and it is a quite cumbersome procedure.

  • Or I apply first only effect A for all regions and then I do the same for effect B. But this is (also) quite time consuming as I have to listen to the whole track a second time, I have to detect the regions again etc.

With both effects opened at the same time this problem would no longer exist.

I think this is on the developer’s “to do” list.

:sunglasses: Thanks!