FMPS rating Tag when exporting songs, Metadata Editor

It’s usefull the tags that can be filled at export time; please add row/s for Rating.

[suggestion: ‘FMPS rating’ wich is a ‘new’ standard [idk where to find the specifics of it, the site seems gone but anyway it’s used by Amarok and other players, planned to be used by more. I’ts just from 0 to 1, eg 0.1 or 0.2 or 0.3 … ]

[I’m not sure if it’s FMPS_RATING for Ogg (this all caps is used in Amarok etc), (_but_ FMPS_Rating for MP3 and others…?), maybe caps or not doesn’t matter ]

I had created a Template with a FMPS_RATING row [Bug (already reported): I did it In a previous version of Audacity, but the idea is :

*to not have to load a Template, but that the FMPS_RATING appears always, even if the song has it’s own Tags [if a new Template is put as ‘default’, it doesn’t load if there are already tags in the edited song].

*to have a list of selectable [like with ‘Genre’] scores from 0 to 1 at the right of the row [0.0 0.1 0.2 … 1.0]

Regarding the bug, ‘set as default’ a custom template isn’t working.

You can add custom tags. See:

The built-in tags have been chosen because they are standard tags common to many formats. Currently there are no plans to extend this set of tags.

I know, explained in ‘2 bugs in Tags for export’ [now it’s only 1 bug]
eg can’t be set as default :
t1exp.xml (91 Bytes)

Bug solved [one has to do the ‘setting default’ not during the exporting of the song, but apart].

So please consider this request, because if the song comes with it’s own tags [in which case if one loads the ‘Default’ -or other Template- manually, the existing tags dissapear…] it is very bothersome to have to for each edited song:

  • create a new row >
  • add the name FMPS_RATING for it >
  • write the rating, a number 0._ [0.1 is shown as ‘half a star’, 0.2 as ‘a star’, … in programs like Amarok and other audio players.]


Thhe bug is still there, Audacity remembers the new ‘Default’ up to crt+N, as soon as a new song is added, it loads the same old Template without ratings row. It seems even if the song has no tags, Audacity anyway loads ‘empty’ tags from the song forgetting the ‘set default’ previously OKayed.

So this request would solve both cases, edit songs already tagged or not.

It sounds more like “user error” than a “bug”. If you are sure that it is a “bug”, then (in your other topic) you will need to provide clear steps of how to reproduce the issue. Until then, I’m writing it off as user error.

I don’t think it is sensible to add support for just one of the tags from the FMPS specification unless it supports the FMPS specification more generally. I shall therefore log a feature request for Audacity metadata to support the FMPS specification.

Now logged.

My feature request is not to just ‘support’ the FMPS specification or FMPS_RATING ,
but that a ‘Rating’ [ at least FMPS , more if developers want to add rows with other types of Rating…] row is always presented to the user reagardless if an added for edit song doesn’t come with a FMPS_RATING tag [or comes with a non-standard rating];
just ‘support’ would mean that in most/all cases a FMPS_RATING row would not appear if a song comes with just eg ‘Artist’ and ‘Album’ tags.
Besides, if the developers try to find out the whole ‘FMPS specification’, they are going to get tired of trying to find it [the link you posted has beeen dead for a long time, maybe the Audacity ppl can talk to the Amarok ppl, maybe they have a copy…] but in practice all is not needed because nobody uses tags like eg FMPS_ARTIST or FMPS_YEAR etc
The only really needed Tag from the FMPS specification is FMPS_RATING because it tries to solve the mess of different types of ratings there are, with a standard. Rest of tags used by everyone [Artist, Year, etc] are the same already presented in the Audacity Tag Editor.
And it’s a very simple thing:
values: 0.0 [empty star], 0.1 [half a star], 0.2 [1 star], up to 1.0 [5 stars]
The row could have a selector at the right like now with ‘Genre’, with 0. 0 , 0. 1 …
Or more convenient: have the 5 stars shown and the user would clik eg at the left of the 3rd star to write ‘0.5’ in the tag, or click to the right of the 3rd star to write ‘0.6’ etc
And this FMPS_RATING row would always be shown in the Audacity Tag Editor even if a song comes with other tags.

No. “Support” would mean that FMPS tags would be available in the metadata editor.

Then please post an up to date link.

Feel free to submit a patch for the consideration of the Audacity team.

“Support” would mean that FMPS tags would be available in the metadata editor.

Always? if yes, then great.

Then please post an up to date link.

i’m not a member of the FMPS team, idk who has the complete spec

Feel free to submit a patch for the consideration of the Audacity team.

i have no idea of C++ or whatever is used for the Tag Editor, or to how to compile an Audacity, otherwise i could search the code, copy the code for ‘Genre’, replace ‘Genre’ with ‘FMPS_RATING’, replace the listed genres [ acappela, acid, ect] with 0.0, 0.1 etc, and add this little piece of new code, or if i knew even more, i’ll do the stars thing. Then compile my own version of Audacity.
Since i cannot do it, i suggest for it on the Adding Features to Audacity forum.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. Different audio formats support metadata in different ways. Getting the metadata into Audacity isn’t the problem, It’s getting the metadata into the audio files in a way that does not conflict with the format specification, and can be read in a standardised way by other software that is the hard part.
Example: This is the official specification for Vorbis Comments, which is the type of metadata that is used by Ogg and Flac files: Ogg Vorbis Documentation
Notice that “rating” is not mentioned in the list of tags:

Track/Work name
The version field may be used to differentiate multiple versions of the same track title in a single collection. (e.g. remix info)
The collection name to which this track belongs
The track number of this piece if part of a specific larger collection or album
The artist generally considered responsible for the work. In popular music this is usually the performing band or singer. For classical music it would be the composer. For an audio book it would be the author of the original text.
The artist(s) who performed the work. In classical music this would be the conductor, orchestra, soloists. In an audio book it would be the actor who did the reading. In popular music this is typically the same as the ARTIST and is omitted.
Copyright attribution, e.g., ‘2001 Nobody’s Band’ or ‘1999 Jack Moffitt’
License information, eg, ‘All Rights Reserved’, ‘Any Use Permitted’, a URL to a license such as a Creative Commons license (">> ") or the EFF Open Audio License (‘distributed under the terms of the Open Audio License. see > > for details’), etc.
Name of the organization producing the track (i.e. the ‘record label’)
A short text description of the contents
A short text indication of music genre
Date the track was recorded
Location where track was recorded
Contact information for the creators or distributors of the track. This could be a URL, an email address, the physical address of the producing label.
ISRC number for the track; see the ISRC intro page for more information on ISRC numbers.


[updated my last comment to make it clearer]

Notice that “rating” is not mentioned in the list of tags

That’s [rating] precisely what the FMPS ppl tried to solve [because there are many different competing ways [numbers] to write to the [old] tag ‘Rating’ , they also mentioned specifically for use with Vorbis Comments, and it’s simple [for this Rating thing] ; whith my manually added FMPS_RATING tag row in my template, i just write 0.1 or 0.2 ect, and it’s perfectly read by Amarok or whatever player [that is using FMPS -there are other rating systems-]; they show the right number of ‘stars’ rated.

I saw the entry in Feature requests, and, as it is, nothing may never be implemented since if some interested developer click that link (the whole ‘FMPS specification’], it has beeen dead for a long time. That request would then remain in a limbo.
Asking for ‘support the FMPS specification’ [besides the dead link] is overcomplicating things, since as I said, at the moment, only ‘FMPS_RATING’ is needed.
So i suggest to please add an entry for just: ‘add 1 row whith FMPS_RATING’ which in version 1 [see below pic] is a very simple thing that a developer can do in 5’, vs maybe nothing ever done with the present entry [which you can leave there, which i doub it but might be done in a future…] (could put a link to this post or paste the pictures there…)

The reason i say it’s ‘a very simple thing’ is because luck has it that FMPS_RATING requires the same way to write Metadata into the song as is used in the current Metadata Editor, so the complex info for that, which would be in the whole ‘FMPS specification’, is not needed. So even if the full spec link is not working, i know it works in other audio players, and if don’t want to belive me, can ask/check in players like Amarok, Clementine, Cantata (mpd client) Rhythmbox, Banshee etc. [it can be custom added to Foobar too].

So it’s enough to inform the developer/s of the name ‘FMPS_RATING’ and the values [0.0 to 1.0], also the pics i put to visualize clearly all.
This info can be put in the Feature requests page [?], [or made into a ‘Proposal Page’ since there’s the values info and pictures], (or link to this thread [too long…] instead of to the specs dead link…)

I’ve added you “vote” for adding only FMPS_RATING.