Still, 1 bug in Tags for export

I was going to say: ‘win 7’, but found out the reason:
previously i was doing the process of …push ‘set default’ button,… during the exporting of the song, with last step being clicking ‘OK’.

What works is doing the same but not during the exporting of the song, but doing it apart, opening Edit/metadata, then doing the same … > OK; now default is saved.

So solved thx, and please consider the request Adding Features/FMPS_RATING because if the song comes with it’s own tags [in which case if one loads the ‘Default’ -or other Template- manually, the existing tags dissapear…] it is very bothersome to have to for each edited song:

  • create a new row >
  • add the name FMPS_RATING for it >
  • write the rating, a number 0._ [0.1 is shown as ‘half a star’, 0.2 as ‘a star’, … in programs like Amarok and other audio players.]