ERA-R plugin

I’d like to fix (if I can) an echo created in a Skype recording (MP3 Skype recorder) where the other person’s voice was picked up from my speakers as well as from the sound card (I didn’t have my headphones on).

When searching on the net, I found several articles about the ERA-R plugin that I need to enable in Audacity to clear the audio. The only problem is that…it is not in the Audacity plugin list (I have the current version 2.3).

Is this plugin no longer available in Audacity?
Is there another way to clear an echo in the recording?


Audacity does not come with ERA-R plugin, but apparently it does work in Audacity, see …

#1. I doubt that plugin will cure a loud echo.
#2. I think you have to pay ~$60 to use it after the 14 day free-trial.

ok, thanks Trebor