Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

After repairing the laptop, I had to download the application, but for some reason the audio recording comes with an echo and sound playback. Advise what to do?

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which has been answered.

hey there @jademan, I’m at a complete loss right now with one of my project files. The drive I was recording to got disconnected mid-session and it looks like everything is lost. I was able to find one file in the session data folder but have been unsuccessful recovering it. Every command gives me the “database disk image is malformed” error. I was able to run “-recover_db” however when I try to open the file or run any more of the recovery commands I get the error:

“Project requires Audacity 21.149.85
Unsupported project version”

At this point I’m pretty sure I’m SOL, but if there’s any way you know how to recover any audio I’d be eternally grateful. Thanks again.

EDIT: link to file Corrupt Audacity File - Google Drive

So the link for “Unsupported Project Version” from Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery was apparently lost as a result of the forum migration, @LWinterberg, but you should be able to find the solution in the last post here: Recover project - Audacity 80.156.6

I was wondering if I could send you an audacity file of mine that was suddenly corrupted. I’m not very good with coding and such.

Just so you know, I am NOT doing this anymore. If you want to make a general plea, I suppose you could post your .aup3 somewhere and someone else might take a look at it. Good luck. You could also try Discord: Audacity

  1. Type “audacity-project-tools -drop_autosave broken.aup3

You are amazing!!! THANKS A LOT!!!
It worked!!!

Hi I am really not good at this BUT fought my way through only to get this message.

C:\Users\Steve\OneDrive\Desktop\Audacilty\AudRepair>audacity-project-tools -drop_autosave broken.aup3
Project requires Audacity 3.1.0

It would seem that the tools are not updated for version 3.3 :(:(:(:frowning:

I have to start all over…

A sad day - any other help available??


This is an informational message, NOT an error. Because the project database has an underlying XML format, the recovery tool operates independently of project version.