Binaural spin effect

This plug-in creates an effect that sounds like the sound is rotating around your head. Headphones should be worn to hear the effect properly.

The effect modulates the amplitude and applies a synchronised low pass sweep filter to create a “spinning” effect. Although it is a rather simplified form of spacial modelling I think that it is reasonably convincing.

There are just two controls:

  • Speed: [0 to 5 rotations per second]
  • Direction: [Clockwise / Anticlockwise]

Click here for installation instructions .
If you wish to try this effect, please bookmark this page so that you can post comments/feedback in this thread.
spin.ny (1.57 KB)

A short demonstration of the effect.
The change in spin speed was produced by applying the effect to consecutive sections with different spin speeds. To achieve a reasonably smooth transition, the selected sections were each an exact number of rotations - for example, 4 seconds with a rotational speed of 0.75 rotations per second is exactly 3 rotations.

Awesome. Did exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks so much.

You’re welcome, and thanks for the encouraging feedback :wink: