Batch command errors when trying to apply macros


I had an issue where I was attempting to apply macros to audio in a project, and certain macros gave me a popup saying “Your batch command of blah blah was not recognized”. I am wondering if this is fixable or has to do with the Audacity version i’m using? I am running Audacity 2.4.2. Please let me know if anything.


It would help if you told is what the particular “blah blah” commands were that were rejected.

its stuff like Sc4, HardLimiter, PopMute, etc

  1. SC4 is mo longer distributed with Audacity. You will have had it in a much earlier version of Audacity - it may even continue into later updates, but will disappear of you reset your Audacity configuration.

  2. There is no separate Hard Limiter ans Soft Limiter any more - they were replaced a while back with a single Limiter effect where you can set hard or soft options.

  3. PopMute is not an effect distributed as part of Audacity. It is an optional plugin that you will have added at some time. You may need o re-install this.

Macros can only work with effects that are actually in and enabled in your Audacity installation. If you can’t see an effect in the effects list anywhere than a Macro with such an effect will fail.


Macros did come with the Audacity version i installed. Will I have to install seperate plug-ins for these to work or will they just not work at all?

Limiter comes with Audacity - you will need to change your Macro to use that though.

SC4 and PopMute will need to be obtained and installed.


a bit of research shows that SC4 only works on 32-bit Audacity - see this old thread:

So you would need to install a 32-bit version of the latest Audacity rather than the 64-bit one.



You can download PopMute from this Muse (owners of Audacity) support site:


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