An "obsolete" compressor SC4

Dear specialists! Is it possible to modernize the built-in (about 3 years ago, then it disappeared) compressor SC4 so, that it would work in 64-bit Audacity version 3.0.3? In 32-bit version it still works!

I’m guessing that you are referring to the SC4 LADSPA plug-in that was shipped with old versions of Audacity.
That plug-in came from the “ladspa-swh” collection from Steve Harris.
Those plug-ins have been unmaintained for many years.

There is a slightly newer LV2 port of those plug-ins, (last updated in 2016), but it looks like it is Linux only:

To my mind it was built-in plugin. It’s name
If file extension is .dll - it’s built-in?
In audacity 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 32-bit it works, in 64-bit - it doesn’t work. Can it be corrected?

Not necessarily. Some types of plug-ins, (including “LADSPA” plug-ins) for Windows are dll’s.

If you look down the list on the page that I posted the link to ( you will find “sc4_1882”. The “.so” file is a “shared object” file, which is similar to a DLL but for unix type operating systems. If I recall correctly, the Windows builds of these LADSPA plug-ins (including sc4_1882.dll) were created by V.Johnson, who died in 2018.

Thank you! I have to work (learn) with Compress dynamics.

There are plenty of free real-time compressor plugins which work in Audacity on Windows, e.g.

TDR Nova | Tokyo Dawn Records [Multi-band compression]
GVST - GMulti

Thank you! I have to work (learn) with Compress dynamics.

Dynamic compression reduces the dynamic contrast by making the loud parts quieter and/or the quiet parts louder. In practice, it’s mostly used to “push down” the peaks/loud-parts and then make-up gain is used to bring-up the volume and make “everything louder”.

Audacity has a built-in compressor and as Trebor suggested there are plenty of 3rd-party compressor plug-ins (although they don’t all support Audacity).

Most compressors are similar with settings for threshold, ratio, attack, and release. But there are differences and there are some famous vintage hardware compressors emulated in software. You may not find one to exactly duplicate the SC4.

[u]Chris’s Compressor[/u] is a popular compressor made especially for Audacity and it’s “different” from most.

Limiting is a kind of fast-compression and Automatic Volume Control (AKA leveling) is a kind of slow-compression. Many hardware compressors are sold a “compressor/limiter”. If you want to make your recording louder without clipping, limiting may be more effective than regular compression, and there are fewer settings to mess-up.

As you may know, Audacity has a built-in limiter and there is a leveler “hidden” as one of the “distortion” effects.

Thank you, but I choose Nyquist effects.

Simply clicking on SC4 makes Audacity crash and force-close itself. Any fix for this??