Audacity Interface with M-Audio 192

I have tried everything to overdub using Audacity (3.3.3) with my M-Audio 192-4 with the only resolution to play the output through my computer speakers. This is untenable. Can anybody help with this issue.
John, Tampa FL

Perhaps not.

The party line is to go to Audio Setup > Audio Settings > Project Rate > 48000, then [Windows-Key]-R, “mmsys.cpl” > Recording tab > M-Audio > Properties > Advanced > Default Format > 48000.

You wouldn’t be the only one with difficulty getting their M-Audio to overdub. For company and encouragement, see:
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As you can see from the link " Can’t overdub with M-Audio M-Track DUO", I also had this problem. However, that was with the M-Audio M-Track Duo interface and Audacity versions 3.1.3 and 3.2.3. The problem “magically” went away when I upgraded to Audacity 3.3.3 ( which you already have[!?]). This seems to suggest that you should uninstall Audacity and install it again. Beyond that, I have no wisdom for you. I DO assume, however, that you have set the M-Audio “ASIO sample rate” and the sample rate of your project in Audacity both to either 48,000 Hz or 44,100 Hz. (They need to be the same). Sample Rates - Audacity Manual (

Audacity simply croaks when those are mismatched, while, in for example Zoom communications S/W, you’ll sound like Darth Vader if you set your M-Audio gear to 48000 Hz, because Zoom wants 44,100kHz (The Zoom folks do not tell you that). SO, make 100% sure you have the same sample rate (Hz) set for both Audacity and the M-Audio device.

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