Audacity 3.0.2 - Bug report

First bug: When placing a 48khz track into 44.1khz one, the 44.1khz track becomes 48khz after mixing it with “Tracks > Mix > Mix and render”. This just ruined hours of my work, yay

Second bug: When using Envelope tool, the left side of the audio (most of the time) becomes louder. How to produce this is explained in the attachment.

If you didn’t understand something, I can explain again. Sorry for the broken language.

Also another bug: If you have multiple tracks and you try to change the speed for all of them, audacity sometimes just crashes.

Probably not a bug.
When mixing or exporting, the sample rate of the mixed / exported audio is taken from the “Project Rate”.

I don’t understand what you mean.

Can you provide step by step instructions so that we can reproduce the issue?

Is this still a “bug” in that latest current release 3.0.3?


I’m not able to reproduce that.
Can you provide exact steps to reproduce the issue?

When I report the bugs, everything works as it should now haha. I’ll post an answer when I reproduce it.

Edit: I get these bugs all the time, not just one time, and only now I considered reporting them because I thought they will disappear on their own.

I didn’t know there was 3.0.3, I will try it.

Thanks for reporting.
We can’t do much about issues that we are not able to reproduce, but if we see similar reports from multiple users, then we can start to build up a picture of where problems may lie.

Audacity 3.0.3 provides automatic update checking. When enabled, it will prompt you when there’s a new release available so that you don’t miss future updates when they happen :slight_smile:
(Update checking can be turned off in Preferences if you prefer:

I really thought it would be well reproduceable, but it’s weird that it only happens to me. My pc has no issues, it’s new, and runs everything else fine, but these bugs really mess with my audio all the time, I’m not exaggerating.

Also, if you’re not already sick of me :smiley:, there’s another thing I noticed in the new 3.0.3 update. The “Spectrogram’s” new black background hides some of the spectrum. It’s really important for me, and probably many else, because I need to compare spectrums of different audios and this one as I said hides away some information.

That’s a feature, not a bug : there is a split in the track, so the left side is separate …

split track envelope.gif

Nope, that’s not it, this is what it would look like:
Before Mix and render:

After Mix and render:

Left side of the split becomes louder by a random dB.

Is the track “Gain” slider set to zero?

Yes, otherwise the right side amplifies as well.

It’s possible to (accidentality) set the envelope to above 1 …

left envelope above 1.png

Still not it… I am really careful with my edits, and I couldn’t possibly mess up that many times. I always go back when this happens and check everything.

Could it be the mix-down contains more than the one stereo track shown,
e.g. includes another track, which is identical to the left, so you get a double dose on mix-down.

Nope, it can be done with only one track … :confused:
Whenever I reproduce the bug, do I tell how to do it or send some log file or something?

Update on how to reproduce 2nd bug:

  1. Split a track into 3 parts
  2. Using the envelope tool, create a fade in effect on the second split, like in the original image.
  3. Copy the 3rd split and paste it back onto itself.