A new audacityteam.org website!

We have updated our website! Check it out:

This new website no longer uses Wordpress, opting for a much more lightweight static site generator instead. Additionally, things have been slimmed down a bit. Old posts got archived and the page structure has been consolidated. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for this website in particular, feel free to leave a comment!

Probably worth updating the Audacity 3.2 video, or just replacing it with an image until you have an up to date video.

3.3 is not very different from 3.2, which is why we didn’t bother making a video for it and why we kept it on that site. 3.4 will have a new video though.

I just thought it looked weird that literally the first thing you see when opening the official Audacity page is “Audacity 3.2”. That’s the kind of thing that is often seen on counterfeit websites.

Not to be too picky, but …

Is Audacity free?

Yes! Audacity has always been and will always be remain free for everyone.

“always be remain free”

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thank you, it’s now fixed!

I note that in the " Popular in the FAQ" section you refer to “plug-ins”

I thought the Audacity preferred norm is now the un-hyphenated form “plugins

In the blocks on the download pages you mix both the un-hyphenated and hyphenated variants


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And technically MacOS should have a lower case “m” as “macOS” - as that is Apple’s preferred spelling.


For consistencty

Produce music. Produce podcasts. Take total control of your sound

should have a period at the end of the third sentence.


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And sorry to be even pickier Leo, bit in your note about “Our new Website” - herculean should really be capitalized as “Herculean” as it is an adjective derived from the name Hercules.

But I agree with the sentiment :wink:


On the tile “Import, export, convert” OGG should be “Ogg

But full marks for getting Vamp right - an awful lot of people don’t (they think it’s an acronym, which it definitely isn’t) - including me originally before I had a chat with Vamp’s Chris Cannam. :sunglasses:


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So who’s got a time machine then …

Introducing Musehub

By Audacity Team

Friday, September 26, 2025


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