A commented ImageCache.htm (solving the colors puzzle)

Hi all,

I’m sharing my own commented version of ImageCache.htm, where I have annotated all I could find out about the colors in the palette and what they affect in the interface.

There are still many blank spots, which I hope you all will help fill in.
I have colored those spots magenta in the included .png file.

The work should be ideally be continued in the upper part as well, however the images are self-explanatory for the most part.

I hope this can help by making theming Audacity easier and faster.

(Apparently, I can’t attach a .htm file directly. Please paste the following into ImageCache.htm yourself)

<body bgcolor="303030">
<img src="ImageCache.png" width="440" usemap="#map1">
<map name="map1">
<area title="Bitmap:Pause" shape=rect coords="1,1,16,16">
<area title="Bitmap:PauseDisabled" shape=rect coords="1,19,16,34">
<area title="Bitmap:Play" shape=rect coords="19,1,34,16">
<area title="Bitmap:PlayDisabled" shape=rect coords="19,19,34,34">
<area title="Bitmap:Loop" shape=rect coords="37,1,52,16">
<area title="Bitmap:LoopDisabled" shape=rect coords="37,19,52,34">
<area title="Bitmap:CutPreview" shape=rect coords="55,1,70,16">
<area title="Bitmap:CutPreviewDisabled" shape=rect coords="55,19,70,34">
<area title="Bitmap:Stop" shape=rect coords="73,1,88,16">
<area title="Bitmap:StopDisabled" shape=rect coords="73,19,88,34">
<area title="Bitmap:Rewind" shape=rect coords="91,1,106,16">
<area title="Bitmap:RewindDisabled" shape=rect coords="91,19,106,34">
<area title="Bitmap:FFwd" shape=rect coords="109,1,124,16">
<area title="Bitmap:FFwdDisabled" shape=rect coords="109,19,124,34">
<area title="Bitmap:Record" shape=rect coords="127,1,142,16">
<area title="Bitmap:RecordDisabled" shape=rect coords="127,19,142,34">
<area title="Bitmap:RecordBeside" shape=rect coords="145,1,160,16">
<area title="Bitmap:RecordBesideDisabled" shape=rect coords="145,19,160,34">
<area title="Bitmap:RecordBelow" shape=rect coords="163,1,178,16">
<area title="Bitmap:RecordBelowDisabled" shape=rect coords="163,19,178,34">
<area title="Bitmap:Scrub" shape=rect coords="181,1,198,16">
<area title="Bitmap:ScrubDisabled" shape=rect coords="181,19,198,34">
<area title="Bitmap:Seek" shape=rect coords="201,1,226,16">
<area title="Bitmap:SeekDisabled" shape=rect coords="201,19,226,34">
<area title="Bitmap:IBeam" shape=rect coords="1,37,27,63">
<area title="Bitmap:Zoom" shape=rect coords="30,37,56,63">
<area title="Bitmap:Envelope" shape=rect coords="59,37,85,63">
<area title="Bitmap:TimeShift" shape=rect coords="88,37,114,63">
<area title="Bitmap:Draw" shape=rect coords="117,37,143,63">
<area title="Bitmap:Multi" shape=rect coords="146,37,172,63">
<area title="Bitmap:Mic" shape=rect coords="175,37,199,61">
<area title="Bitmap:Speaker" shape=rect coords="202,37,226,61">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomFit" shape=rect coords="1,66,27,92">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomFitDisabled" shape=rect coords="1,95,27,121">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomIn" shape=rect coords="30,66,56,92">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomInDisabled" shape=rect coords="30,95,56,121">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomOut" shape=rect coords="59,66,85,92">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomOutDisabled" shape=rect coords="59,95,85,121">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomSel" shape=rect coords="88,66,114,92">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomSelDisabled" shape=rect coords="88,95,114,121">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomToggle" shape=rect coords="117,66,143,92">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomToggleDisabled" shape=rect coords="117,95,143,121">
<area title="Bitmap:Cut" shape=rect coords="146,66,171,89">
<area title="Bitmap:CutDisabled" shape=rect coords="146,95,171,118">
<area title="Bitmap:Copy" shape=rect coords="174,66,199,89">
<area title="Bitmap:CopyDisabled" shape=rect coords="174,95,199,118">
<area title="Bitmap:Paste" shape=rect coords="202,66,227,89">
<area title="Bitmap:PasteDisabled" shape=rect coords="202,95,227,118">
<area title="Bitmap:Trim" shape=rect coords="230,66,255,89">
<area title="Bitmap:TrimDisabled" shape=rect coords="230,95,255,118">
<area title="Bitmap:Silence" shape=rect coords="258,66,283,89">
<area title="Bitmap:SilenceDisabled" shape=rect coords="258,95,283,118">
<area title="Bitmap:Undo" shape=rect coords="286,66,311,89">
<area title="Bitmap:UndoDisabled" shape=rect coords="286,95,311,118">
<area title="Bitmap:Redo" shape=rect coords="314,66,339,89">
<area title="Bitmap:RedoDisabled" shape=rect coords="314,95,339,118">
<area title="Bitmap:TnStartOn" shape=rect coords="1,124,27,150">
<area title="Bitmap:TnStartOnDisabled" shape=rect coords="1,153,27,179">
<area title="Bitmap:TnStartOff" shape=rect coords="30,124,56,150">
<area title="Bitmap:TnStartOffDisabled" shape=rect coords="30,153,56,179">
<area title="Bitmap:TnEndOn" shape=rect coords="59,124,85,150">
<area title="Bitmap:TnEndOnDisabled" shape=rect coords="59,153,85,179">
<area title="Bitmap:TnEndOff" shape=rect coords="88,124,114,150">
<area title="Bitmap:TnEndOffDisabled" shape=rect coords="88,153,114,179">
<area title="Bitmap:TnCalibrate" shape=rect coords="117,124,143,150">
<area title="Bitmap:TnCalibrateDisabled" shape=rect coords="117,153,143,179">
<area title="Bitmap:TnAutomateSelection" shape=rect coords="146,124,172,150">
<area title="Bitmap:TnAutomateSelectionDisabled" shape=rect coords="146,153,172,179">
<area title="Bitmap:TnMakeTag" shape=rect coords="175,124,201,150">
<area title="Bitmap:TnMakeTagDisabled" shape=rect coords="175,153,201,179">
<area title="Bitmap:TnSelectSound" shape=rect coords="204,124,227,147">
<area title="Bitmap:TnSelectSoundDisabled" shape=rect coords="204,153,227,176">
<area title="Bitmap:TnSelectSilence" shape=rect coords="230,124,253,147">
<area title="Bitmap:TnSelectSilenceDisabled" shape=rect coords="230,153,253,176">
<area title="Bitmap:Options" shape=rect coords="256,124,279,147">
<area title="Bitmap:OptionsDisabled" shape=rect coords="256,153,279,176">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph0" shape=rect coords="1,182,15,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph1" shape=rect coords="18,182,32,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph2" shape=rect coords="35,182,49,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph3" shape=rect coords="52,182,66,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph4" shape=rect coords="69,182,83,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph5" shape=rect coords="86,182,100,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph6" shape=rect coords="103,182,117,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph7" shape=rect coords="120,182,134,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph8" shape=rect coords="137,182,151,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph9" shape=rect coords="154,182,168,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph10" shape=rect coords="171,182,185,204">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelGlyph11" shape=rect coords="188,182,202,204">
<area title="Bitmap:SyncLockSelTile" shape=rect coords="1,207,20,228">
<area title="Bitmap:SyncLockTracksDown" shape=rect coords="23,207,42,226">
<area title="Bitmap:SyncLockTracksUp" shape=rect coords="45,207,64,226">
<area title="Bitmap:SyncLockTracksDisabled" shape=rect coords="67,207,86,226">
<area title="Bitmap:SyncLockIcon" shape=rect coords="89,207,100,218">
<area title="Bitmap:EditEffects" shape=rect coords="103,207,123,226">
<area title="Bitmap:ToggleScrubRuler" shape=rect coords="126,207,145,226">
<area title="Bitmap:HelpIcon" shape=rect coords="148,207,168,227">
<area title="Bitmap:PlayPointer" shape=rect coords="1,231,20,250">
<area title="Bitmap:PlayPointerPinned" shape=rect coords="23,231,42,250">
<area title="Bitmap:RecordPointer" shape=rect coords="45,231,64,250">
<area title="Bitmap:RecordPointerPinned" shape=rect coords="67,231,86,250">
<area title="Bitmap:GrabberDropLoc" shape=rect coords="89,231,108,250">
<area title="Bitmap:SliderThumb" shape=rect coords="111,231,130,250">
<area title="Bitmap:SliderThumbHilited" shape=rect coords="133,231,152,250">
<area title="Bitmap:SliderThumbRotated" shape=rect coords="155,231,174,250">
<area title="Bitmap:SliderThumbRotatedHilited" shape=rect coords="177,231,196,250">
<area title="Bitmap:UpButtonExpand" shape=rect coords="1,253,96,270">
<area title="Bitmap:DownButtonExpand" shape=rect coords="99,253,194,270">
<area title="Bitmap:HiliteUpButtonExpand" shape=rect coords="197,253,292,270">
<area title="Bitmap:HiliteButtonExpand" shape=rect coords="295,253,390,270">
<area title="Bitmap:UpButtonExpandSel" shape=rect coords="1,273,96,290">
<area title="Bitmap:DownButtonExpandSel" shape=rect coords="99,273,194,290">
<area title="Bitmap:HiliteUpButtonExpandSel" shape=rect coords="197,273,292,290">
<area title="Bitmap:HiliteButtonExpandSel" shape=rect coords="295,273,390,290">
<area title="Bitmap:UpButtonLarge" shape=rect coords="1,293,48,340">
<area title="Bitmap:DownButtonLarge" shape=rect coords="51,293,98,340">
<area title="Bitmap:HiliteUpButtonLarge" shape=rect coords="101,293,148,340">
<area title="Bitmap:HiliteButtonLarge" shape=rect coords="151,293,198,340">
<area title="Bitmap:MacUpButton" shape=rect coords="1,343,36,378">
<area title="Bitmap:MacDownButton" shape=rect coords="39,343,74,378">
<area title="Bitmap:MacHiliteUpButton" shape=rect coords="77,343,112,378">
<area title="Bitmap:MacHiliteButton" shape=rect coords="115,343,150,378">
<area title="Bitmap:UpButtonSmall" shape=rect coords="1,381,27,407">
<area title="Bitmap:DownButtonSmall" shape=rect coords="30,381,56,407">
<area title="Bitmap:HiliteUpButtonSmall" shape=rect coords="59,381,85,407">
<area title="Bitmap:HiliteButtonSmall" shape=rect coords="88,381,114,407">
<area title="Bitmap:MacUpButtonSmall" shape=rect coords="1,410,27,436">
<area title="Bitmap:MacDownButtonSmall" shape=rect coords="30,410,56,436">
<area title="Bitmap:MacHiliteUpButtonSmall" shape=rect coords="59,410,85,436">
<area title="Bitmap:MacHiliteButtonSmall" shape=rect coords="88,410,114,436">
<area title="Bitmap:IBeamCursor" shape=rect coords="1,439,32,470">
<area title="Bitmap:DrawCursor" shape=rect coords="35,439,66,470">
<area title="Bitmap:EnvCursor" shape=rect coords="69,439,100,470">
<area title="Bitmap:TimeCursor" shape=rect coords="103,439,134,470">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomInCursor" shape=rect coords="137,439,168,470">
<area title="Bitmap:ZoomOutCursor" shape=rect coords="171,439,202,470">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelCursorLeft" shape=rect coords="205,439,236,470">
<area title="Bitmap:LabelCursorRight" shape=rect coords="239,439,270,470">
<area title="Bitmap:DisabledCursor" shape=rect coords="273,439,304,470">
<area title="Bitmap:BottomFrequencyCursor" shape=rect coords="307,439,338,470">
<area title="Bitmap:TopFrequencyCursor" shape=rect coords="341,439,372,470">
<area title="Bitmap:BandWidthCursor" shape=rect coords="375,439,406,470">
<area title="Bitmap:AudacityLogo48x48" shape=rect coords="1,473,48,520">

<!-- [1 1] Blank = track background (outside clips), unselected -->
<area title="Colour:Blank" shape=rect coords="1,762,10,771">

<!-- [1 2] Unselected = clip (waveform & spectrum) background, unselected - in spectrum bg, a grey tint is superimposed -->
<area title="Colour:Unselected" shape=rect coords="13,762,22,771">

<!-- [1 3] Selected = selection bg in waveform and spectrum (outside spectral frequency selection) - in spectrum bg, a grey tint is superimposed -->
<area title="Colour:Selected" shape=rect coords="25,762,34,771">

<!-- [1 4] Sample = sample & waveform (except RMS)-->
<area title="Colour:Sample" shape=rect coords="37,762,46,771">

<!-- [1 5] SelSample = ??? (apparently not used) -->
<area title="Colour:SelSample" shape=rect coords="49,762,58,771">

<!-- [1 6] DragSample = sample dot (when pencil tool enabled) -->
<area title="Colour:DragSample" shape=rect coords="61,762,70,771">

<!-- [1 7] MuteSample = sample & waveform (except RMS), muted -->
<area title="Colour:MuteSample" shape=rect coords="73,762,82,771">

<!-- [1 8] Rms = waveform (RMS only) -->
<area title="Colour:Rms" shape=rect coords="85,762,94,771">

<!-- [1 9] MuteRms = waveform (RMS only), muted -->
<area title="Colour:MuteRms" shape=rect coords="97,762,106,771">

<!-- [1 10] Shadow = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:Shadow" shape=rect coords="109,762,118,771">

<!-- [1 11] AboutBackground = "About" window bg (external) -->
<area title="Colour:AboutBackground" shape=rect coords="121,762,130,771">

<!-- [1 12] TrackPanelText = all texts in track panel, rulers and toolbars; line and ticks of the ruler; track name overlay text and border (when enabled) -->
<area title="Colour:TrackPanelText" shape=rect coords="133,762,142,771">

<!-- [1 13] LabelTrackText = label tag text; channel numbers in MIDI track info panel -->
<area title="Colour:LabelTrackText" shape=rect coords="145,762,154,771">

<!-- [1 14] MeterPeak = maximum peak indicator in volume meters -->
<area title="Colour:MeterPeak" shape=rect coords="157,762,166,771">

<!-- [1 15] MeterDisabledPen = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:MeterDisabledPen" shape=rect coords="169,762,178,771">

<!-- [1 16] MeterDisabledBrush = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:MeterDisabledBrush" shape=rect coords="181,762,190,771">

<!-- [1 17] MeterInputPen = recent peaks in input meter, rms setting -->
<area title="Colour:MeterInputPen" shape=rect coords="193,762,202,771">

<!-- [1 18] MeterInputBrush = level in input meter, rms setting (except RMS part) -->
<area title="Colour:MeterInputBrush" shape=rect coords="205,762,214,771">

<!-- [1 -18] MeterInputRMSBrush = level in input meter, rms setting (RMS part only) -->
<area title="Colour:MeterInputRMSBrush" shape=rect coords="217,762,226,771">

<!-- [1 -17] MeterInputClipBrush = clipping indicator in input meter -->
<area title="Colour:MeterInputClipBrush" shape=rect coords="229,762,238,771">

<!-- [1 -16] MeterInputLightPen = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:MeterInputLightPen" shape=rect coords="241,762,250,771">

<!-- [1 -15] MeterInputDarkPen = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:MeterInputDarkPen" shape=rect coords="253,762,262,771">

<!-- [1 -14] MeterOutputPen = recent peaks in output meter, rms setting -->
<area title="Colour:MeterOutputPen" shape=rect coords="265,762,274,771">

<!-- [1 -13] MeterOutputBrush = level in output meter, rms setting (except RMS part) -->
<area title="Colour:MeterOutputBrush" shape=rect coords="277,762,286,771">

<!-- [1 -12] MeterOutputRMSBrush = level in output meter, rms setting (RMS part only) -->
<area title="Colour:MeterOutputRMSBrush" shape=rect coords="289,762,298,771">

<!-- [1 -11] MeterInputClipBrush = clipping indicator in output meter -->
<area title="Colour:MeterOutputClipBrush" shape=rect coords="301,762,310,771">

<!-- [1 -10] MeterOutputLightPen = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:MeterOutputLightPen" shape=rect coords="313,762,322,771">

<!-- [1 -9] MeterOutputDarkPen = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:MeterOutputDarkPen" shape=rect coords="325,762,334,771">

<!-- [1 -8] RulerBackground = selection bg in ruler -->
<area title="Colour:RulerBackground" shape=rect coords="337,762,346,771">

<!-- [1 -7] AxisLines = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:AxisLines" shape=rect coords="349,762,358,771">

<!-- [1 -6] GraphLines = graph line in some dialogs (e.g. Filter Curve EQ, Compressor) -->
<area title="Colour:GraphLines" shape=rect coords="361,762,370,771">

<!-- [1 -5] ResponseLines = graph line in Filter Curve EQ (internal smooth line) -->
<area title="Colour:ResponseLines" shape=rect coords="373,762,382,771">

<!-- [1 -4] HzPlot = spectrum graph in "Plot Spectrum" window -->
<area title="Colour:HzPlot" shape=rect coords="385,762,394,771">

<!-- [1 -3] WavelengthPlot = other graphs in "Plot Spectrum" window -->
<area title="Colour:WavelengthPlot" shape=rect coords="397,762,406,771">

<!-- [1 -2] Envelope = all envelope curves -->
<area title="Colour:Envelope" shape=rect coords="409,762,418,771">

<!-- [1 -1] MuteButtonActive = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:MuteButtonActive" shape=rect coords="421,762,430,771">

<!-- END OF LINE 1 -->

<!-- [2 1] MuteButtonVetoed = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:MuteButtonVetoed" shape=rect coords="1,774,10,783">

<!-- [2 2] CursorPen = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:CursorPen" shape=rect coords="13,774,22,783">

<!-- [2 3] RecordingPen = cursor line during recording -->
<area title="Colour:RecordingPen" shape=rect coords="25,774,34,783">

<!-- [2 4] PlaybackPen = cursor line during playback -->
<area title="Colour:PlaybackPen" shape=rect coords="37,774,46,783">

<!-- [2 5] RecordingBrush = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:RecordingBrush" shape=rect coords="49,774,58,783">

<!-- [2 6] PlaybackBrush = fill color of scrub/seek arrows -->
<area title="Colour:PlaybackBrush" shape=rect coords="61,774,70,783">

<!-- [2 7] RulerRecordingBrush = selection arrow in ruler (fill color) -->
<area title="Colour:RulerRecordingBrush" shape=rect coords="73,774,82,783">

<!-- [2 8] RulerRecordingPen = selection arrow in ruler (outline color) -->
<area title="Colour:RulerRecordingPen" shape=rect coords="85,774,94,783">

<!-- [2 9] RulerPlaybackBrush = selection arrow in ruler when playback region blocked (fill color) -->
<area title="Colour:RulerPlaybackBrush" shape=rect coords="97,774,106,783">

<!-- [2 10] RulerPlaybackPen = selection arrow in ruler when playback region blocked (outline color) -->
<area title="Colour:RulerPlaybackPen" shape=rect coords="109,774,118,783">

<!-- [2 11] TimeFont = all texts in time clocks (except focussed digit) -->
<area title="Colour:TimeFont" shape=rect coords="121,774,130,783">

<!-- [2 12] TimeBack = bg of digits in time clocks (except focussed digit) -->
<area title="Colour:TimeBack" shape=rect coords="133,774,142,783">

<!-- [2 13] TimeFontFocus = focussed digit and focus rectangle in time clocks -->
<area title="Colour:TimeFontFocus" shape=rect coords="145,774,154,783">

<!-- [2 14] TimeBackFocus = bg of focussed digit in time clocks -->
<area title="Colour:TimeBackFocus" shape=rect coords="157,774,166,783">

<!-- [2 15] LabelTextNormalBrush = bg of label and fill color of label span line -->
<area title="Colour:LabelTextNormalBrush" shape=rect coords="169,774,178,783">

<!-- [2 16] LabelTextEditBrush = bg of label and fill color of label span line during text edit -->
<area title="Colour:LabelTextEditBrush" shape=rect coords="181,774,190,783">

<!-- [2 17] LabelUnselectedBrush = bg of label track outside selection; main stripes (white keys) in MIDI clip outside selection -->
<area title="Colour:LabelUnselectedBrush" shape=rect coords="193,774,202,783">

<!-- [2 18] LabelSelectedBrush = bg of label track inside selection; main stripes (white keys) in MIDI clip inside selection -->
<area title="Colour:LabelSelectedBrush" shape=rect coords="205,774,214,783">

<!-- [2 -18] LabelUnselectedPen = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:LabelUnselectedPen" shape=rect coords="217,774,226,783">

<!-- [2 -17] LabelSelectedPen = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:LabelSelectedPen" shape=rect coords="229,774,238,783">

<!-- [2 -16] LabelSurroundPen = outline of label and label span line -->
<area title="Colour:LabelSurroundPen" shape=rect coords="241,774,250,783">

<!-- [2 -15] TrackFocus0 = outline of focussed track (inner line) -->
<area title="Colour:TrackFocus0" shape=rect coords="253,774,262,783">

<!-- [2 -14] TrackFocus1 = outline of focussed track (middle line) -->
<area title="Colour:TrackFocus1" shape=rect coords="265,774,274,783">

<!-- [2 -13] TrackFocus2 = outline of focussed track (outer line) -->
<area title="Colour:TrackFocus2" shape=rect coords="277,774,286,783">

<!-- [2 -12] SnapGuide = snap guide vertical line -->
<area title="Colour:SnapGuide" shape=rect coords="289,774,298,783">

<!-- [2 -11] Track = bg of unselected track info panel, time ruler and track vertical ruler; outline of track vertical ruler of selected track; antialias in "sn, dx" text in selected track -->
<area title="Colour:TrackInfo" shape=rect coords="301,774,310,783">

<!-- [2 -10] TrackInfoSelected = bg of selected track info panel; bg of track name overlay (when enabled) -->
<area title="Colour:TrackInfoSelected" shape=rect coords="313,774,322,783">

<!-- [2 -9] Light = "light" in 3D  elements (top-left edges of raised elements, bottom-right edges of embossed elements) -->
<area title="Colour:Light" shape=rect coords="325,774,334,783">

<!-- [2 -8] Medium = bg of toolbars, mixer window and meters -->
<area title="Colour:Medium" shape=rect coords="337,774,346,783">

<!-- [2 -7] Dark = "shadow" in 3D  elements (bottom-right edges of raised elements, top-left edges of embossed elements), outline of toolbars -->
<area title="Colour:Dark" shape=rect coords="349,774,358,783">

<!-- [2 -6] LightSelected = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:LightSelected" shape=rect coords="361,774,370,783">

<!-- [2 -5] MediumSelected = bg of toolbar handle on mouseover -->
<area title="Colour:MediumSelected" shape=rect coords="373,774,382,783">

<!-- [2 -4] DarkSelected = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:DarkSelected" shape=rect coords="385,774,394,783">

<!-- [2 -3] Clipped = clipped samples in waveform -->
<area title="Colour:Clipped" shape=rect coords="397,774,406,783">

<!-- [2 -2] MuteClipped = clipped samples in waveform (muted tracks) -->
<area title="Colour:MuteClipped" shape=rect coords="409,774,418,783">

<!-- [2 -1] ProgressDone = ??? (couldn't find any progress bar using this) -->
<area title="Colour:ProgressDone" shape=rect coords="421,774,430,783">

<!-- END OF LINE 2 -->

<!-- [3 1] ProgressNotYet = ??? (couldn't find any progress bar using this) -->
<area title="Colour:ProgressNotYet" shape=rect coords="1,786,10,795">

<!-- [3 2] SyncLockSel = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:SyncLockSel" shape=rect coords="13,786,22,795">

<!-- [3 3] SelTranslucent = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:SelTranslucent" shape=rect coords="25,786,34,795">

<!-- [3 4] BlankSelected = track background (outside clips), selected -->
<area title="Colour:BlankSelected" shape=rect coords="37,786,46,795">

<!-- [3 5] SliderLight = ticks on the sliders, left or top side -->
<area title="Colour:SliderLight" shape=rect coords="49,786,58,795">

<!-- [3 6] SliderMain = body of the sliders -->
<area title="Colour:SliderMain" shape=rect coords="61,786,70,795">

<!-- [3 7] SliderDark = ticks on the sliders, right or bottom side -->
<area title="Colour:SliderDark" shape=rect coords="73,786,82,795">

<!-- [3 8] TrackBackground = bg of timeline below the tracks (also between channels in the same track) -->
<area title="Colour:TrackBackground" shape=rect coords="85,786,94,795">

<!-- [3 9] Placeholder1 = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:Placeholder1" shape=rect coords="97,786,106,795">

<!-- [3 10] GraphLabels = text labels of the graphs in some dialogs (e.g. compression effect) -->
<area title="Colour:GraphLabels" shape=rect coords="109,786,118,795">

<!-- [3 11] SpectroBackground = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:SpectroBackground" shape=rect coords="121,786,130,795">

<!-- [3 12] ScrubRuler = bg of scrub ruler -->
<area title="Colour:ScrubRuler" shape=rect coords="133,786,142,795">

<!-- [3 13] TimeHours = bg of time clocks (except digits, including dropdown arrow button) -->
<area title="Colour:TimeHours" shape=rect coords="145,786,154,795">

<!-- [3 14] FocusBox = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:FocusBox" shape=rect coords="157,786,166,795">

<!-- [3 15] TrackNameText = ??? -->
<area title="Colour:TrackNameText" shape=rect coords="169,786,178,795">

<!-- [3 16] MidiZebra = alternating stripes (black keys) in MIDI clip -->
<area title="Colour:MidiZebra" shape=rect coords="181,786,190,795">

<!-- [3 17] MidiLines = barlines in MIDI clip -->
<area title="Colour:MidiLines" shape=rect coords="193,786,202,795">

<!-- [3 18] TextNegativeNumbers = negative times in ruler (when enabled) -->
<area title="Colour:TextNegativeNumbers" shape=rect coords="205,786,214,795">

<!-- [3 -18] Spectro1 = spectral view, color 1 (not used) -->
<area title="Colour:Spectro1" shape=rect coords="217,786,226,795">

<!-- [3 -17] Spectro2 = spectral view, color 2 (softest sounds) -->
<area title="Colour:Spectro2" shape=rect coords="229,786,238,795">

<!-- [3 -16] Spectro3 = spectral view, color 3 (softer sounds) -->
<area title="Colour:Spectro3" shape=rect coords="241,786,250,795">

<!-- [3 -15] Spectro4 = spectral view, color 4 (louder sounds) -->
<area title="Colour:Spectro4" shape=rect coords="253,786,262,795">

<!-- [3 -14] Spectro5 = spectral view, color 5 (loudest sounds); fill color of spectrum area while recording (not yet elaborated) -->
<area title="Colour:Spectro5" shape=rect coords="265,786,274,795">

<!-- [3 -13] Spectro1 = spectral view, color 1, selected, except spectral freq sel (not used) -->
<area title="Colour:Spectro1Sel" shape=rect coords="277,786,286,795">

<!-- [3 -12] Spectro2 = spectral view, color 2, selected, except spectral freq sel (softest sounds) -->
<area title="Colour:Spectro2Sel" shape=rect coords="289,786,298,795">

<!-- [3 -11] Spectro3 = spectral view, color 3, selected, except spectral freq sel (softer sounds) -->
<area title="Colour:Spectro3Sel" shape=rect coords="301,786,310,795">

<!-- [3 -10] Spectro4 = spectral view, color 4, selected, except spectral freq sel (louder sounds) -->
<area title="Colour:Spectro4Sel" shape=rect coords="313,786,322,795">

<!-- [3 -9] Spectro5 = spectral view, color 5, selected, except spectral freq sel (loudest sounds) -->
<area title="Colour:Spectro5Sel" shape=rect coords="325,786,334,795">


Misc notes about the images:

  • rows 6 and 7 are not used (they were intended for an experimental feature, now abandoned)
  • not all images in row 8 are really needed (icons 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10 are certainly used)
  • in row 9, I couldn’t find the use of icons 2, 3, 4 and 6
  • in row 10, I couldn’t find the use of icon 5
  • the last two rows (all the cursors and the Audacity logo) appear to me not to be used (please help me confirm this)

Thanks mischamajskij for this post I’ve been trying to find an explanation of the ImageCache.png picture for a while,

Looks like row 13 is used for the transport buttons in Windows 10 and LINUX Mint (UBUNTU 20.04) and row 14 is used for transport buttons in MacOS.

Additions… Row 16 is for backgrounds on MacOS Audacity also.


I took your ImageCache, made it darker and added some comments and added back the 7 color elements (3-29 to 3-25) that were missing with respect to the default. I don’t know what most of them are; only did it because I realized that they include the fore- and background colors for clip header, which was blacked out on mine.

Thanks, cheers


Thank you guys so much for all this legwork!
I’ve started looking into this and thought it might be nice to include all of the additional information (comments, positions) in the titles.
Then I thought it might be nice to have the ability to search and filter by colors, and to inspect them in a theme.
I started writing some JS for that ImageCache.htm file, and adding some features.

I also created test templates for all the colors, photoshop templates and test screenshots → masks showing the areas affected by any given color (only 36 showed up in the limited test I set up)

I consolidated the info about the areas (images and colors) into JSON files and wrote code to generate image maps from those files. (Well, actually, I put them into .js scripts so we can include them directly)

I got more and more ideas, I’m most looking forward to implementing a live preview of color changes.

I usually do stuff on my own, but this seems like it could really benefit from open collaboration, not least because of all the possible future changes!

Here’s a thing on GitHub: https://github.com/Black-Platypus/AudacityThemeHelper
Live: https://black-platypus.github.io/AudacityThemeHelper/ImageCache.htm

Please feel free to contribute with any additions, corrections etc!
It’s very much a WIP but I thought I’d share it a bit earlier rather than later in order to maybe save someone else the work of something I’ve done here, just like I was able to profit from your previous work :slight_smile:

That’s nice, but note that there are plans to change Audacity from WxWidgets to Qt. When that happens, Audacity’s theming will completely change. Personally I wouldn’t spend much time on themes at this stage in Audacity’s development as it will all become obsolete when Audacity switches to Qt.

(Qt has much better theme support than WxWidgets, but it works very differently.)

:sweat_smile: aw dang ^^
Well, I’m still having fun tinkering with things like this for the experience :grin:
Thanks for the warning!

Nut the timescales are very hazy - it may be a fair way off onto the future.

The Muse team is focussed right mow om making stack-able real-time effects work for the upcoming 3.2.0 (which is taking longer than originally planned - it is proving a tough nut to crack)