Pale Yellow theme (retro, industrial)

I’ve added another theme to my repository - this one is inspired by Woodkid’s S16 album aesthetics. Perfect for you guys who love retro and industrial feel.
Grab it here.


(Quite rightly) there’s a division between “X” and track name,
but there’s no division between the Mute & Solo buttons …
no division between mute & solo buttons.png
Such a division also acts as a reference point: showing if the sliders below are zeroed.

Fixed it :slight_smile:

Nice looking theme but it’s very difficult to see the numbers in the level meters.

Can you send a screenshot? On my machine it looks readable and I’m just curious if it look the same on different OS/machines.

Here you go…
Not only are the numbers difficult to read, but cannot see peak and RMS at the same time.
In the “standard” option, the peak is indicated by dark green and RMS is the lighter green.
It would be nice to have the pale yellow theme but leave the VU meter colours as per the standard ones.
Green is nice to have, as it’s associated with OK as opposed to yellow which normally means “warning”.
Something like this perhaps?
Not as nice looking, but a good compromise between form and function.
I also notice a nice icon for Audacity in the theme, but where is that used as it does not show up anywhere?

Just checked now, other themes like the blue one, also do not show peak and RMS in different colours.

Another problem, in the mixer, the level/volume control knob is far too small.


Fixed the colours to my liking.
Now just need to fix the spectrogram colours, the slider knobs and text colour.
It’s very fiddly as the official documentation seems to be outdated and contains errors.

More info here:


Sliders also fixed:
Complete view:

Mostly just outdated, and is likely to be more outdated soon as there are some changes to theming in the pipeline for future versions. Hopefully the changes will make custom themes easier, but I’ve not seen the changes yet.

Glad to hear that more features are to be added in the future.

As time permits, will carry on collating info on the current setup, as many users
will not immediately switch to newer versions and will thus still benefit from different themes.

A few more tricks I learnt, with the slider knobs, there are graphic blocks for “normal” and for
“mouse over”.
This can then be used to make the slider knob move/wiggle slightly (vertically, horizontally or colour change)
when you place the mouse pointer over any slider control.
Very nice as confirmation that you are about to make changes to it.

What I still have to work out is, the colour of the waveform when selected and colour of the play head marker.

Is there any documentation as from which Audacity version the current setup was implemented and,
from which version it will change?

Other nice things that could be added:

  • Vertical sliders in the Nyquist prompt.
  • Ability to change the boring looking sliders in Nyquist with others.
  • Be able to change the background colour (or even add an image) to Nyquist plugins.

With the last two, there would obviously be dependencies (the graphics), so maybe these
could be stored in a new sub-folder in “plugins” called “NameOfThePlugin_gfx” or similar.
This way, if the plugin refers to graphic files, Nyquist will look in that sub-directory and display them
or revert to the default if not found.

This would allow for some creative interfaces.
Maybe something like this, but with better looking graphics :smiley:

really love it

is there a way to have the spectrogram colors like spek or audition cc ?