Zooming, Markers, and Selections

After using many audio editors, Audacity has become my editor of choice. It is amazing.

There are three features, however, that would make it even better for my purposes.

  1. The first is a programmable option to allow the scroll wheel to zoom into the file instead of having to use both hands . Click, scroll.

  2. The second is automatically named markers. Find an edit point, press a key, drop a marker that is already named.

  3. The third is the ability to extend the selection without having to start at the cursor and drag to the end of the selection. That is, click on the beginning of a selection. Scroll to the end of the selection. Then, click on the end of the selection which is then automatically highlighted from the starting point to the ending point.

All of these behaviors are as in Adobe Audition. It would be great if they could be added as programmable options such that they don’t interfere with the users who are accustomed to or who prefer the current methods.

Thanks for all you do. Audacity saves me a lot of time each week.

I can see that this might be useful - but you lose the visual cue of the pointy hand - but it would definitely have to be a option and be off by default.

The problem here would be: named what ?

This too would have to be a option and be off by default.

I have read this through several times and I just cannot understand what you are asking for. :confused:

And what do you find difficult about Audacity’s current method of extending or shrinking selections?