Zoom and Pencil tool help

I’m using version 2.3.2, and am a new user.
I’ll zoom in on my wave form with the intention of drawing out a glitch. When I zoom in enough for me, and click my mouse to activate the pencil to draw, I get a pop-up that reads ‘Zoom in further until you can see the individual samples’. I zoomed in further for the pencil to work, but then lose my location and where I want to correct. Must I zoom in so far every time? Does Audacity have a marker tool?

If you find you have to zoom out, try envelope-tool rather than draw (pencil) tool …

Can add labels, or split the track to mark a point of interest.

Before you select the pencil tool, click on the track at the point that you want to edit.
If you are zooming in with “Ctrl + mouse wheel”, keep the mouse pointer over the thing vertical line (the play position cursor).
If you are zooming in with “Ctrl + 1”, or with the Zoom buttons, the play position cursor will automatically be in the middle of the screen.
Don’t change to the pencil tool until you can see individual samples (dots).

excellent suggestion, thank youI I did not mention I’m using Windows 10, but probably does not matter. Thanks !

thank you and I will try this. Couldn’t find satisfactory answer in the Tips or Online Manual, so I appreciate your expertise :smiley: