Yeti Pro suddently drops recording level

See here:

I didn’t say I can’t see your png image embedded in the post. Of course I can see it - or “view” it as you say.

I asked HOW you inserted it into the post.

When I click on the picture icon at the top of the editor, it allows me to only insert a URL of the image. It does not allow me to upload an image for it to be embedded directly in the post. So in order to give you a screenshot of my computer’s specs, I had to upload it as a picture to to get the URL for it (I didn’t want to use my website URL).

This however rendered the URL in the post, NOT the actual image. Only now I saw the ATTACHMENTS tab below, which I believe will render the image in the post.

My Yeti doesn’t have an old printer cable - that’s why I said that they are not the same. It has a mini plug under the mic.

I do know what an USB cable looks like, thank you.

Yeti USB.jpg

Did I not answer that question? :confused:

sorry Steve there must have been a cross over between our respective posts.

I didn’t see your reply when replying to Koz.

From the manual (Error opening sound device - Audacity Manual)

-9999 Unanticipated host error: this means means “something is wrong”. And appears to most often be due to either:

  • A lost connection to a USB audio device.
  • Recent Windows / Mac update requiring that user gives permission for Audacity to access the microphone.

For an intermittent fault as you describe, the problem is very likely to be due to a lost USB connection.

Note that the connection only needs to be down for a fraction of a second to cause Audacity to loose the device. The computer will try to reconnect the device if the USB connection becomes available again, but even if successfully reconnected, the device will be allocated a different id by Windows, so Audacity will not be able to recognise it as the same device.

Common causes for lost USB connections:

  1. Faulty USB cable (common)
  2. Faulty USB connector (either end - fairly common)
  3. USB hubs (don’t use them for real time audio or video - usually OK for printers, keyboards, mice, other hardware that is not time critical)
  4. High CPU usage causing USB to be temporarily suspended (unlikely unless other apps are putting high demand on the CPU)

To avoid having to restart the computer, check the USB lead and connectors, then “Transport menu > Rescan Audio Devices”. This allows Audacity to look again for connected (and re-connected) audio devices.

Thanks Steve - that’s what I thought in the end.

I don’t need to shut down my PC, just save all my open projects and close Audacity then restart.

I will use the re scanning option from now on.

As I said in my reply to Koz - it looks like the USB points in my PC are crappy, as my other cables plugged in to other ports are also wobbly.

Come to think of it, USB ports are the weak point for HP, I had issues with them on my old HP PC too.

Looks like this is my last HP computer as they didn’t improve this or a number of other issues.

But this PC is still under warranty so I will ask them to fix this.



I got this error again, tried to re-scan - didn’t help.

still have to close all my projects and restart Audacity.

it’s a pain.

I will try to replace the cable.

I replaced the cable, re-scanned and it is working now.

But I have a different question.

My Yeti cable is I assume USB 2 as it is few years old.

I can use it when plugged in in either USB 2 or USB 3 port, but even when it is in USB 3, Audacity is still showing it as USB 2.

is it normal?

Audacity window - mic plugged in USB 3.jpg

The device name shown in Audacity comes from the device driver.
I couldn’t find the relevant information in the Yeti manual, but the Yeti is probably a USB 2 device.

ok, thank you

The USB ports on both the HP laptops that I have are all fine and work well (also on my wife’s two HP laptops) :sunglasses:


Laptops and towers are two different worlds with different design and materials.
it is virtually impossible to make a wobbly USB port in a laptop :slight_smile:

I do all my media work exclusively on towers/workstations with two large monitors, as laptops are just too small and too confined for me for this type of work.

So my comment pertains to the tower/workstation only :slight_smile: