Yellow border

Hello (newbie here)

When I open Audacity (2.1.3. version with Windows 7) it automatically opens with two tracks and a yellow border surrounding the tracks and greyed out.

Previously, I could open Tracks ->Add new → Stereo Track and open a single track without it being greyed out and no yellow border.

Can someone provide a clear and simple explanation that I can follow to deselect the yellow border as I am still learning the system.

I’ve read some of the previous posts but I am not sure how it applies to this situation as I tried them and the yellow border still remains, not sure what I clicked on to arrive at this.

Thanks in advance.

The current version of Audacity is 2.3.0. It’s available via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Downloads

Do you mean like this (below). If so, then that is normal. This yellow border has been a thing for a very long time. It just indicates which is the “current” track, or in Audacity-speak, it’s the track that has “focus”.

Tracks grayed out may be due to having a “Mute” button pressed on the track. (see: Audio Tracks - Audacity Manual)
If that’s not it, please post a screenshot to show what it looks like.

Hi Steve

Whenever I open up a new track instead of the one track ( like yours that you showed)
it opens up two tracks with the yellow border every time. (yellow border doesn’t show up here)
I just installed the latest version 2.1.3/ Windows 7.

Thanks so much for your help.
Two Tracks Capture.JPG

You’ve got two stereo channels in one track because you have Audacity set to Stereo.

In Steve’s example he has Audacity set to Mono


Yes when I switch over to Mono, it will play only through the left and not both L & R. See above

Thanks for the help.
Plays only left Capture.JPG